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Last updated: March 31, 2011

Celebrity Stylist Luke O’Conner’s Oscar Trophy Girl Styling How-To

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Celebrity Stylist Luke O’Conner’s Oscar Trophy Girl Styling How-To

During the Academy Awards, viewers enjoy marveling at the lovely gowns, admire the impeccable hairdressing and relish in the unforgettable speeches. But what about the lovely trophy girls who are responsible for bring the award to the stage? No one ever talks about these dames! Luke O’Conner, celebrity stylist and owner of Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills, is no stranger to these lovelies; he’s been styling them for years. Enjoy this how-to for his trophy girl Isabel.


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    Step 1: Section out a 3-inch wide section from the hairline to the crown, pin up and out of the way for later.
    Please note: Prior to styling, Luke utilized his T3 Evolution Hair Dryer and his T3 Fahrenheit450 Professional Flat Iron.

    Step 2: Brush the sides straight back and very sleek to the center back and secure with elastic, giving you a ponytail. This will keep the sides sleek against the head without the risk of sagging.

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    Step 3: Brush the nape up and close to the head to for another ponytail 1-2 inches below the first one. Keep it very sleek and close to the head.

    Step 4: Take the hair you had sectioned out and give it a tease of a 1-½ -2-inch base. This you will lightly smooth back leaving the height and then slight push the front forward forming a little pompadour and criss-cross bobby pins to pin it down. This will give the added height you need at the front for the desired shape.

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    Step 5: Take the hair from behind the Bobbie pins and tease 1-inch sections into ribbon like pieces. Do the same with the hair from the ponytails. Loop and pin these sections keeping the shape going down the center giving the Mohawk effect, but with a classic up-do feeling that is perfect for the red carpet.