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Last updated: June 23, 2005

Casual and Carefree Sunny Day by Lucie Doughty of Paul Mitchell

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Casual and Carefree Sunny Day by Lucie Doughty of Paul Mitchell

Learn the techniques for two tousled styles by Lucie Doughty.  For more information please log on to: 

Hair- Lucie Doughty; Make up – Lisa Botts; Photographer – Cheyenne Ellis


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    Lucie Doughty loves blue skies.  Growing up in England she didn’t get to see them often, but now living in Los Angeles, California she gets to experience them almost year-round.  Those clear blue skies inspire her, as does the casual vibe of Los Angeles.  “I never take a single day here for granted,” she explains. “I wanted to capture the relaxed L.A. lifestyle, so I put a couple of models on a roof-top in Venice, CA on a beautiful day and used the brilliant blue sky as the background.  The hair is natural, simple, and carefree.”

    Amanda has naturally curly hair. Lucie prepped her hair with Instant Moisture® Daily Shampoo and Daily Treatment.  She then applied The Cream® and Sculpting Foam™ to the hair and carefully blow-dried using a diffuser.  When the hair was completely dry, she broke up the curls with her fingers and then applied a little Dry Wax™ to the ends for some separation. She finished the look with a little Super Clean Spray®.

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    Lyndall has naturally fine, color treated hair.  Lucie prepped her hair with Extra-Body Daily Shampoo® and Daily Rinse. She sprayed the hair with Soft Sculpting Spray Gel™ and blow-dried with a 413 brush. When the hair was dry, she took ½ inch square sections and lightly misted them with Freeze and Shine Super Spray®.

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    The hair was then wound into a figure 8 pattern around a hairpin and after the whole head was wrapped each section was tapped with a smoothing iron. Lucie removed the pins and brushed the hair through. She then applied Spray Wax™ and Extra-Body Finishing Spray® for texture.