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January 7, 2016

Breezy Beach Waves


Breezy Beach Waves

You don’t need a beach or salt water to create waves for days. Just follow this handy trick from the pros at Olivia Garden for crafting the perfect, beach-friendly tresses. Here’s how it’s done using a vent brush and blow dryer.

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  • 1

    Brush wet hair with the Ceramic+Ion Vent Shaper and find the natural part. Try not to disturb the natural curl in the hair.

  • 2

    Using a blow dryer without a nozzle, blow-dry free hand until hair is 75 percent dry. Lift the hair with your hands to add height, direction and volume.

  • 3

    Starting at the top of the head, use a large HeatPro Thermal Brush and blow dryer with a nozzle to create lift and body. Leave the brush in the hair while it cools to help lock-in curls. Repeat the technique all around the top of the head.

  • 4

    Remove the first brush and flip hair to the opposite side to create volume at the roots. Continue like this as you move down the head. Use a Double Clip to keep dried sections away from wet hair as you work around the head.

  • 5

    Use a small HeatPro Thermal Brush with small sections of hair to create waves. Leave the brushes in the hair and repeat all around the crown.

  • 6

    Remove all brushes and tousle hair with your hands. Add styling product and manipulate the hair with your hands to create desired texture.

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