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Last updated: November 26, 2018

How-To: Braided Color Splash Chignon

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No one ever said creating an updo had to take hours. And no one ever said adding a splash of color had to be permanent! What if you could give your client a totally new look after her cut and color (even if it was just for the rest of the day!), while upping your ticket price at the same time? Now you can, with the Hairdo Color Splash Pony piece. Maybe she wants a pop of purple for her Saturday night out: no big—make it happen!

Artist: Kristina Barricelli
Manufacturer: Hairdo, @hairdousa


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    First, decide where your client wants their ponytail—high, low or off to the side—and use a ponytail holder to secure it into place.

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    Use this three-pronged comb to slide in between your head and the ponytail holder.

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    Then, take either side and wrap it around the ponytail.

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    Push to secure and utilize the wraparound feature, camouflaging any seam. Then use a bobby pin to secure it into place.

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    Section the ponytail into four sections, creating chignons in three out of the four sections.

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    Braid the fourth section and pull the braid apart to create a more fluffed up style.

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    Place the braid in front of the chignons and pin into place.

  • Loving this Hairdo-inspired style? Kristina Barricelli talked with BTC about the benefits of using Hairdo pieces after your client’s color and cut. Check out her fave tips!

    1. For The Color-Shy Client
    Hairdo is perfect for your clients who maybe want to try a little color but don’t necessarily want it to last. She doesn’t have to go all out with those popular fashion colors, just give her a splash of color to last for the rest of the night!

    2. Give Yourself an Edge
    Your updos don’t have to take hours, this look was quick, easy to create and the best part? It’s something your client is going to remember. How many other stylists are offering to style a quick updo and add a pop of color—that’s right, she’s definitely coming back.

    3. Retail Game Strong
    Not only can you give her a style she’s never had, but you can teach her how to recreate it on herself! Now she’s gotta buy it before walking out the door! And the best part? These pieces are built to last.


    Instantly add color to any style!


    Learn more about the Color Splash Pony!

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