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Last updated: April 27, 2015

Braid on the Borderline from Paul Mitchell

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Braid on the Borderline from Paul Mitchell

A beautiful French braid trims the edge of this sleek style by Paul Mitchell’s Noogie Thai. It’s from the company’s annual Big Night Out Collection for summer special occasions—this year the collection is called You’re Golden. And indeed, your client will be golden with this look, which delivers flair and style that’s ideal for prom and wedding season.

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    Prep dry hair with Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum from midshafts to ends and Dry Wash at the scalp. Part the hair on the right side to the top of the head. Next, from the top of the head on the right side, section to the front of the right ear with a diagonal forward parting and clip away. Repeat on the opposite side. Starting two inches above the right ear, create a diagonal back section to the back hairline at the nape and clip away. Spray the remaining hair with Stay Strong and clip the hair. Release the right front section. Spray Dry Wash on your hands and divide the section into four pieces, moving diagonally back. Twist lightly to keep the four pieces separated.

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    On the left side, begin forming an outside French braid, taking slices diagonally from the top and adding them to the braid, keeping the braid close to the hairline.

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    As you work around the shape of the head, pull the braid loops to expand the shape of the braid.

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    Continue braiding until all the hair is used just past the ear, omitting the hair at the nape.

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    Incorporate the four sections from the right side by gently twisting and softly pulling the hair across the head to join the braid. Repeat this until all sections on the right side have been brought to the left, then continue the braid down the lengths of the left side of the head.

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    Tie the braid with an elastic, placing just two sections of the braid in the band to help ease the braid expansion.

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    Pull the loops of the braid to expand the shape as desired.

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    Release the hair at the nape and finish with Stay Strong.

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    Who did it
    hair: Noogie Thai, John Paul Mitchell Systems Trainer
    photography: David Oldham
    makeup: Iris Moreau
    styling: Deborah Waknin

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