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Last updated: December 30, 2009

Big Waves for Beauty Queens: Alterna Goes Backstage

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Big Waves for Beauty Queens: Alterna Goes Backstage

The 200 contestants for the 2010 Miss California USA had only one thing in mind this year next to winning that crown, they wanted sexy, wavy hair that would stop Giselle dead in her tracks. Good thing Alterna’s Global Creative Director Michael Shaun Corby was on hand to turn the competition to resemble a Victoria’s Secret runway. Here’s how he created the sexy waves!  


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    Even though the girls arrived to the event with already styled hair, they did have the option to work with the Alterna team to change their look up. Guess what? Most of the 200 girls opted to change their style up so you know the Alterna team was VERY busy to say the least!

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    Since many of the girls arrived with already styled hair, the Alterna team, led by Corby, started by lightly spraying Alterna’s Caviar Styling Tonic throughout dry hair to refresh it and help break down existing styling products.

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    Hair was then curled with a large-barrel curling iron to achieve soft waves. After each section was curled, the curl was pinned lightly to the head and sprayed with Alterna’s new Caviar Extra Hold Hair Spray to help it last longer.

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    After the entire head was curled, the pins were removed and the team used their fingers to lightly separate the waves.  The finishing touches included another spray of Caviar Extra Hold Hair Spray and Caviar Rapid Repair Spray for incredible shine.

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    Corby also had the pleasure of styling the hair for the 2 hosts – actress Shanna Moakler and Chris Jacobs from the “The Insider.”  Shanna opted for gorgeous 1940’s style voluminous waves for her shoulder length hair, which was later pinned up. Chris Jacobs was styled with Alterna’s new Caviar Extreme Wax for a little texture.

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    Michael Shaun also worked with the current 2009 Miss USA and 2009 Miss California USA at the pageant, creating long gorgeous waves for both. He also styled the hair for past beauty queens like the 1989 Miss Venezuela and 2009 Miss California Teen USA.