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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Basket Case from Sebastian

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Basket Case from Sebastian

Play hide and peek with this tied up, twist-and-sew visor from the artists at Sebastian Professional.  The key to the success of this look is multi-dimensional gleam, made possible with the new Trilliance collection for end-to-end shine and other selected Sebastian shine-enhancing stylers.


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    Shampoo and condition with Trilliance Shampoo and Conditioner and dry the hair. Divide the hair into two parts across the head just below the crown and clip away the top.  Create a high ponytail with the bottom section, braid it, roll it around the ponytail and pin it into a tight bun. 

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    Section off a horseshoe shape at the top and clip away.  Take the remainder of the top section and wrap it across the head, all the way to the right side, and pin.  Use Sebastian Shine Define to keep the hair in place.  Place the braided cap piece and pin securely to the bun.

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    Release the horseshoe section.  Smooth small sections with Sebastian Liquid Gloss and “sew” one by one through the braided piece.  Use large hairpins to pull the sections through.  Bend the ends of the hair, which were placed through the braided piece, upwards on the right side to finish.