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Last updated: April 02, 2013

Asymmetrical French Braid from TONIandGUY

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Asymmetrical French Braid from TONIandGUY

Plait perfect! This asymmetrical style, created by TONI&GUY Academy Director Rachel Brumbaugh, offers an avant garde twist to the typical French braid. Whether you create it as-is or work it into a comtemporary updo, this intricate design is one you’ll want to add to your styling repertoire this season. Here’s the complete how-to!

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    Prep the hair using TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer and blow dry the hair straight. Apply TIGI Catwalk Session Series Styling Crème throughout the hair. This will help control the sections while you are braiding.

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    Part the braid diagonally towards the back of the head and section out your hair into three sections, preparing to do a French braid.

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    Begin the French braid, collection sections of hair from the back of the head.

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    Use the frame of the face to follow the braid down to one side. Make sure to leave no hair behind since the whole braid will lay on one side.

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    Finish the French braid to one side and secure the braid with a hair tie.

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    At the top of the braid, begin to pull out small pieces of the braid by pinching sections of the braid and pulling on them slightly. Pulling two sections of the braid outwards simultaneously will help keep the braid’s frame while still manipulating it.

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    Continue to make your way down the braid, starting with small pulls and adjusting accordingly to achieve your desired effect.

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    Finish the look by wrapping the end of the braid into a knot around the bottom of the braid. Pin in all loose ends and finish off your look with TIGI Catwalk Work-It Hairspray.

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