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Last updated: October 24, 2013

Amethyst and Violet Color Formula from Alfaparf

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Amethyst and Violet Color Formula from Alfaparf

This sparkling, deep amethyst on a dark chocolatey base is certainly a gem thanks to the perfect color harmony of Alfaparf Milano’s Supermeches+ Bleach and Evolution3 haircolor. We bet you already have a client in mind for this stand-out shade!

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    Evolution of the Color3/Super Meches/SDL Moisture Treatment
    Formula A: ½ oz 3.22 + ½ oz. 4.22 and 1½ oz. 20-volume Oxido
    Formula B: ½ oz. 5.22 + ½ oz. 2000 + 2 oz. 10-volume developer

    In section A, create a triangle section with the point at the top of the head (between the top of the ears) and the width extending from temple to temple, omitting the first half inch of the front hairline.

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    In section B, create an elongated triangle section behind the ear, keeping the top point even with the hairline and the bottom width even with the hairline (including the hairline). The width of the bottom should be no wider than ½ inch on finer hair textures or 1 inch on thicker hair textures.

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    In section A, starting on either side, create ¼ inch slices, apply Super Meches+ + 20-volume Oxido in back-to-back foils. After every third back-to-back foil packet, omit a section. Continue to the top of the head. Repeat on the opposite side, again omitting a slice as before.

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    In section B, starting at the width of the elongated triangle, create ¼-inch back to back slices. Apply Super Meches+ + 20-volume developer. Continue until all hair in the triangle section is foiled.

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    Apply Formula A to the remaining, unfoiled hair. Lift hair to red/gold. Rinse, shampoo and towel dry. Apply Formula B. Process 15 to 20 minutes.


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