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Last updated: June 14, 2012

6 Star Styles You Can Easily Recreate

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6 Star Styles You Can Easily Recreate

Red carpet style…always the source of inspiration for your clients’ style. Ergo, it’s best to stay up to date on the latest looks top stars are wearing on the red carpet. From sexy waves a la Anna Paquin to perfectly polished updos like Lily Collins, here are six recent star styles you can recreate on your clients in a flash.

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    True Blood Hair Department Head Stylist Dennis Parker reveals how he achieves  Anna Paquin’s gorgeous “Sookie” waves in four easy steps:
    1. “For voluminous waves, I like to start out by applying a volumizing styling mousse from roots to ends to give the hair body and hold,” says Dennis.
    2. Next, prepare to curl by applying White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold Thermal Styling Spray on individual sections. “Liquid Texture has incredible memory to provide long-lasting waves with a flexible hold infused with amazing shine, which is exactly what I need for long hours on set,” Dennis says.
    3. Curl hair with a large, round-barreled curling iron.
    4. Finish the style by running your fingers throughout the hair for maximum volume.

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    Celebrity Hairstylist Mara Roszak gave Emma Stone a textured, twisted updo using Clairol Professional, Sebastian Professional and Wella Professionals for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. “I wanted the style to feel like a twist on a simple updo with strong elements of fun and femininity,” says Mara.

    1. Enhance the brightness and vibrancy of blonde hair by washing with Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner.

    2. Apply a golf ball sized amount of Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte to the lengths of towel dried hair.

    Loosely twist random 1-inch sections of hair towards the back, bobby pin in place, and blow-dry. Once the hair is dry, remove the pins and let the twists fall out.

    Emulsify a dollop of Wella Professionals Texture Touch in palms and apply to the lengths of the hair for added texture.

    Then twist the hair on either side of the forehead, connecting at the back of the head. Bobby pin the twists in place, criss-crossing the pins to ensure a secure hold.

    Gently tease the rest of hair and pin it up into a messy bun, allowing pieces to fall out naturally.

    Finish the style with a spritz of Wella Professionals Stay Firm Finishing Spray.

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    Celebrity Stylist Thomas Dunkin gave Lily Collins a perfectly polished updo using Sebastian Professional for the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City. “I wanted to give Lily a mature, very grown up style,” says Thomas.

    1. Wash the hair with Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo and Conditioner for enhanced shine.

    2. Towel dry the hair and apply a liberal amount of Sebastian Professional Potion 9 to the lengths of the hair for a smooth, polished texture.

    3. Blow-dry the hair straight and flat at the roots to create the stark contrast between the sleek, flat front and voluminous back. 

    4. Once the hair is dry, create a tight ponytail and pull it through the center of a hair donut.  Secure the donut in place with bobby pins. 

    5. Backcomb the ponytail and wrap the hair smoothly around and under the donut. Use a comb to maintain the smooth look and then pin the hair under the donut.

    6. Once the big sleek bun is achieved, emulsify Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel in palms and smooth it over the hair beginning at the front to ensure there are no hairs out of place.

    7. For incredible shine, finish the look with Sebastian Professional Trilliant.

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    Celebrity Hairstylist Mara Roszak created a flirty, flowy style on Mila Kunis using Sebastian Professional, Clairol Professional and Wella Professionals for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. “Mila was wearing an amazing Fendi mini dress and so I wanted to keep her hair looking sexy and easy, not over done,” says Mara.

    1. Wash the hair with Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo and Conditioner for added shine and smoothness.

    2. Apply a dab of Clairol Professional Repair Leave-In Conditioner to the lengths of towel dried hair and blow-dry using a medium sized Ibiza brush.

    3. Using a 1¼-inch curling iron, wave the hair starting ¼-inch down from the roots.

    4. Once the hair is completely waved, spray Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray to break up the waves and to create a slightly messy texture.

    5. To tame flyaways, emulsify a dab of Wella Professionals Flowing Form Smoothing Balm in palms and gently run through the lengths of the hair.

    6. Spritz Sebastian Professional Shine Define Hairspray for a soft, moveable hold.   

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    Katherine Heigl channeled Grace Kelly at the AFI Life Achievement Awards Ceremony. According to stylist David Babaii, “when Katherine walked into the room, for a moment I thought I was looking at Grace Kelly! Katherine’s natural beauty and beautiful blonde hair gave me the inspiration to create a 2012 ‘Grace Kelly’ look.”

    1. After cleansing, he applied a small amount of Miracle Oil for added shine.

    2. Next, he blow dried her hair with a small round brush to achieve volume at the base with slight texture to the hair.

    3. After drying, David used a large barrel curling iron to create additional and more defined soft textured waves. He sprayed each section with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’s Pure Texture prior to using the curling iron. This serves as an ideal styling spray to maintain long lasting curls and texture.

    4. To finish the style, David swept her hair up and away with his hands to create this true Hollywood look.

    5. He secured the hair with several pins and sprayed IT&LY’s Pure Definition Hair Spray with memory hold.

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    Charlize Theron ignited the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards in a vibrant crimson Lanvin dress, Jimmy Choo sandals Cartier jewelry. Her hair look, created by master stylist Enzo Angileri, was luminous, flowing, and very MTV sexy. “At times, a simple look is so powerful,” says Enzo, ”but when you go simple you need to have hair that looks gorgeous—luxurious, silky, and shiny.  When you do an updo or more complicated look you can often get away with hiding the quality of the hair. In a looser style like this one, the texture, shine and health of each strand becomes all important since you see everything in the lights.”
    1. Moroccanoil Light was the essential foundation, since Charlize’s hair needed to have its own natural flow and move freely.  

    2. Apply Moroccanoil Light and a small amount of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to damp hair. “I used this cocktail to instantly enhance the quality of Charlize’s natural waved hair and to give it an incredible luster,” he says.

    3. Blow-dry the hair smooth with two round brushes—a medium one close to the roots for more grip and a larger one on the ends.

    4. When hair is almost dry, use the medium sized brush and spray the sections close to the head with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong to lift them a bit and to hold the style from underneath to make it look even more natural.