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Last updated: August 11, 2011

4 Styling How-Tos from the Teen Choice Awards

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4 Styling How-Tos from the Teen Choice Awards

It’s likely that about 90 percent of your tween and teen clients tuned into the Teen Choice Awards . And it’s also likely that a majority of those girls spotted amazing “must-have” hairstyles on their favorite celebs at the event. Good thing we managed to secure some exclusive hair how-tos straight from the hairdressers who created those styles. Here’s the scoop on four amazing looks.

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    Jenna looked fresh and young but still sophisticated in a side-twisted braid. Hairstylist Theodore Leaf created the look and here’s how he did it:

    1. On damp hair apply a small amount of volumizing mousse to the roots and some heat protection spray on the mid-shaft and ends. Work a small amount of curl enhancing cream through the hair for added texture.

    2. Diffuse the hair, pushing the ends into the roots to create amazing texture.

    3. Once the hair is completely dry, create a deep side part at the front and, using a medium curling iron, bend the ends away from the face.

    4. Using the medium iron and a mist of light hold hairspray, detail random pieces by wrapping them forward and backward leaving the ends straight.

    5. Next, rub a dime size of texturizing paste into your hands and work loosely through the ends of the hair.

    6. Finally, take three large sections and loosely braid to one side, leaving most of the hair unbraided.

    7. Secure with a few bobby pins and then pull a few pieces out to keep it soft.

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    Crystal’s amazing dress was by Lanvin, and with all of its gorgeous detailing, it needed a flirty young look to complement it. Her stylist Charles Dujic says they pulled inspiration from a 1960s Brigitte Bardot style, adding a bit of a “pouf” to the crown with a cascading ponytail. Here’s how to create her look:

    1. Apply a volumizing foam to damp hair at the root area, then blow dry the hair by asking your client to flip her head over to get maximum lift at the root.

    2. Once dry, pin the fringe area to the side to work on last and spray the rest of her hair with Bumble and Bumble spray de mode. Curl the hair with a ¼-inch barrel ceramic curling iron, setting the top section then working back and away from the face.  Hold the curls in place with pins to cool, then spiral curl the rest of the hair with a 2-inch iron, alternating directions.

    3. Apply a small amount of Bumble and Bumble brilliantine in your palms and rub them together, applying the product to the freshly-curled hair for texture and shine. Backcomb the top mohawk section of hair and I pin it to the side. Gather the rest of the hair on the sides and the back and pull it up into a high ponytail just below the crown. Fasten the ponytail with a bungee-style hair elastic to ensure a good strong hold on the ponytail.

    4. Pull a few strands out around the face to keep the look soft, then brush over some of the teasing on the top section of hair and using your fingers to give the pouf a slightly textured look. Wrap the ends of this section around the base of the ponytail and pin securely. Separate the curls in the ponytail with your fingers, then give the fringe area a fresh blast with the blow dryer. Finish with a firm hold hairspray. 

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    Andy Lecompte, the newly-appointed Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist, gave five-time Teen Choice Award winner Selena Gomez loose, flawless waves for the big show. Here’s the scoop on her hair how-to:

    1. Apply Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier to wet hair to prime it for styling.

    2. Blow dry the hair completely smooth with a ceramic brush.

    3. Spritz hair with Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray to protect hair from heat fatigue.

    4. Separate hair into small sections and use a medium to large barrel curling iron to set loose waves.

    5. Use your fingers to apply Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray, tucking the hair behind one ear and giving it an all-over polished look

    Then, for Selena’s Performance, Andy pulled her hair back into a chic, low ponytail.

    1. Using a dollop of Wella Professionals Pearl Styler Styling Gel on the palms, smooth hair back toward the nape of the neck and secure with a hair elastic.

    2. Using a ½-inch section from her hair, wrap the pony to hide the hair elastic and secure with hair pins into a chic, low ponytail.

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    Stylist Steven Lake added a few inches to Cassie’s frame with a super high bun that showed off her gorgeous face perfectly. Here’s the how-to:

    1. Use a volumizing mousse on damp hair then blow dry it completely.

    2. Pull the hair into a high ponytail, then twist the hair around itself to form a bun shape. Secure it with bobby pins.

    3. Use your hands to smooth the hair into place and finish with a firm hold hairspray.