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Last updated: May 24, 2017

100% Gray Coverage on Vibrant Red Copper

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100% Gray Coverage on Vibrant Red Copper

It’s time to help your clients say good-bye to surly gray hairs and hello to something vibrant and youthful! Clairol Professional’s Miss Clairol Gray Busters is the perfect long-lasting 100% gray coverage your clients desire. This technique will provide a beautiful red copper result that has dimension and “pop” thanks to the tone-on-tone red neutral highlight formula.


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    Jana is a Natural Level 7 with 50% gray. Her hair was previously tinted and is now a faded red with 1” re-growth.

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    Step 1:  Working around the top half of head, place 3 rows of foils, alternating within each row between weaves and slices. 
    Note: You will have about 12 foils.
    Foil Formula:  Equal parts Miss Clairol 71RG/8RN plus 10-volume Pure White developer for maximum deposit and minimal lift.       
    Tip: Alternating between weaving and slicing provides more texture.
    As you work around the head upwards, place the foils horizontally to create space with color rather than vertical stripes.  Remember to follow the curve of the head.      

    Step 2: Apply equal parts 87N/7N plus 33R/5R plus 20-volume Clairoxide developer to the first inch of re-growth, then immediately apply 1 ½ ounces 33R/5R plus ½ oz 87N/7N plus 10-volume Clairoxide developer through the ends.
    Tip: Clairoxide Clear Developer is ideal for bottle application            

    Step 3:  Process 45 minutes for optimum gray coverage.  Rinse, shampoo and condition. 

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