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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Grungy Fingerwaves

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When you think fingerwaves, you may think of perfectly polished, placed waves and (gulp) state boards. Well, Matt Swinney is here to show you that fingerwaves can be quick and edgy! Watch the L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Creative Director style cool fingerwaves with a grungy vibe.

The key to this look is the cocktail Matt makes with L’ANZA Healing Style Mega Gel and water. The brand is taking a new approach with its styling products—they feature innovative technology, meaning the products heal the hair while they style. Think 500-degree heat protection, keratin cactus complex that helps with style memory, and smart products on the forefront of the trends your clients want!


Use a spray bottle to dampen the hair. Matt says he likes to spray the hair so the ends stay dry. “That way, when you brush the product cocktail through, it doesn't get too slick-looking but takes on more of a natural texture,” he adds.



Mix L’ANZA Healing Style Mega Gel with water. “The consistency should be a little soupy,” Matt says.


Apply the product to the first half of the head you intend to wave. Matt just uses his fingers to saturate the hair.


Use the wide-tooth part of your comb to create natural separation within the waves. Place the comb onto the scalp lightly and slide it forward while your middle finger supports the hair above the comb. When the hair is in place, pinch the hair supported by the middle finger with the pointer finger to create a ridge.


Continue this motion, connecting your waves. Work back to front, then front to back. Repeat on the other side of the head.


Once waves are set, Matt uses padded clips in the ridges he wants to be more predominant.


Take a wide-tooth comb and put some of the water and Mega Gel cocktail on it. Comb through the hair from occipital bone to ends.


Place your client under the dryer until the waves are set.


Remove her from under the dryer, then take out your clips and enjoy your creation!

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