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Last updated: January 25, 2018

How-To: Rich Chestnut Red

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Winter is coming, so what does that mean for the clients sitting in your chair? It means rich warm colors are going to be taking over any day now, and this chestnut red from Farouk Systems is the perfect way to revamp any faded crimson that comes your way. Plus, with Farouk System’s CHI Color Illuminate Conditioning Line, you can give your clients the chance to have that fresh-from-the-salon color even in between appointments. Here’s how it’s done.

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1. Section the hair down the middle, parting from the fringe to the nape area and on top of the head from ear to ear.


2. Apply Formula A to the root area, then apply to the midlengths and ends.


3. Let color process for 30 minutes. Apply CHI Infra Shampoo, rinse, towel-dry and apply Farouk Color Lock Treatment. Leave in for five minutes and rinse. 


Now that you’ve created your beautiful color, it’s important to keep her shade looking fresh even between salon visits, and with the Color Illuminate Conditioning Line it’s easier than ever. Watch the video below to learn how it works.