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Last updated: January 17, 2019

What Would You Do: Can I Be a Barber At A Hair Salon?

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Starting at a new salon can be stressful, putting yourself out there and building a new book takes time! But what about being in a new salon AND the only Barber? A member of the BTC community is making the move and asked for advice on how to make a barber/hairstylist marriage work in a new salon setting. Scroll down for all the advice from the BTC fam!


“I’m a men’s hairstylist moving to another state really soon. Everything is set up, I have a job lined up and my license. I personally feel like I belong in a salon instead of a barbershop. The only problem is that the salon I will be working at really has almost no male clientele and I would be the only ‘barber’ there. But I really want to work at this place! I’m really terrible at talking to strangers in public and handing out my business cards. But I know I’m really going to have to get out there and do it because I want clients that I actually enjoy working with. Back here at home I’m booked out over a week and most of the clients I have been walk-ins so this is new to me. Any tips that you can think of that would help a barber in a hair salon? Or do you have any tips on what I can do to approach people more comfortably? 


We strongly recommend that if you are moving from one state to another, you thoroughly check the state requirements for barbers and hairstylists as regulations may vary from state to state.



The Best of Both Worlds


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“We have a barber space in our salon and we’re in the process of opening a second space in our other location. It’s the perfect marriage. Our female clientele is thrilled to send their guys to our barber. Just network with the busy hairdressers in your new space.” – @lapomponnee


“We also have a barber/salon concept and it works great! The stylists refer fades, shaves and difficult men’s cuts to our barber. So, you will get a lot of new client referrals by your own salon teammates and front desk!” – @sonyatalamantes


“I own a barber shop and we have women working here. Most of them did a crossover course and now have both licenses. You will always get some flack from male customers. But if you’re good, it’ll shut them up rather fast. Good luck 😘!”– @nixxengstrom


“Hybrid salons such as our own are becoming more common, offering stylists and barbers and catering to both men and women. We personally have a separate men’s service menu to further demonstrate to men that we aren’t a salon that also offers men’s services, but rather a truly hybrid facility serving men and women. We also offer hair restoration services which again tends to differentiate us and bring more male clients into our facility. But you should definitely speak to the existing stylists at your prospective salon and request that any of their clients’ husbands, sons, etc. to stop in to see you. Best of luck to you!” – @pleijsalon


“Our salon has a barber and our clients have responded really well! The male hairstyle now is such a barber cut anyways. The men have loved being able to go to the same place as their families and the stylists love it too since most of the female hairdressers don’t feel comfortable doing men’s haircuts. We have a whole section for the barber so she feels like she has her own space!” – @shelbykigerjohnson


“There was a barber at the last salon I worked at and he did pretty well. I’d say just make sure the vibe of the salon and their online presence isn’t overly girly. I liked having him there because some client’s needs are just better suited for barbering techniques. I feel confident in cutting men’s hair but I’ll never be as fast or precise on my fades as a barber who specializes in those cuts.” – @hannahrr413


“I own a hair salon and I have both a barber’s side and a stylist side. We all communicate, share tips and talk to guests. I’ve always been successful when I embraced who I am and where I am… professional means different things to different people. I say, define yourself as a barber and who you want your target clientele to be. Determine how you want to present yourself and stick to it. Decide how you want to be remembered and the rest should just flow! I’m attracted to people who know who they are and what they want! I invest in my team of renters and they invest in the salon and themselves. Just be personable, relatable and honest and I don’t think you can go wrong!” – @hairbyjazzy916


“The answer is: hell yeah you can! Barbers are huge assets in salons! I know barbers who do amazing color work, and hairstylists who do amazing barber work. It’s just nice to have someone licensed for straight razors and trained in precision clipper work.” – Ashley Tucker 


Be Social and Utilize Your New Salon’s Current Clientele  


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“Every female client in that salon knows a male—husband, son, uncle, brother, pastor. Approach them when their service is done, smile and introduce yourself!” – @shearshare


“A good way to gain new clients is through existing clients! Ask your fellow salon mates to let their clients know there’s a barber in the salon. Maybe there is a way to work out a ‘Bring your husband, son or boyfriend and you both get five dollars off!’ Promos have done nothing but up my business and it helps build relationships with your new team!” –


“If there is already a steady female clientele, use that as your jumping off point.” – @connormakesthecut


“Ask your new shop to introduce you via their social media! Have them tag you and post some of your work! That’s a start 😊good luck to you!” – @nicolerestrepo_


“All of the other stylists should be promoting you to their women clients. Give all of them your business card to pass out with theirs.” – SaRah Nelson 


“Social media will be your best friend! Get your Instagram going and use local hashtags!” – @vanyasalon


“Don’t underestimate female clientele. Some of my most loyal barber clients were females with cool pixie cuts or some kind of taper/fade or design work!” – @wildflower403



And Never Forget to Believe In Yourself!



“Just be yourself and show confidence and gratitude. Good luck!” – @hairstylesbyfernando


“You can be anything you want to be.” – @loppez92


“Be yourself, hit the ground running. Use this opportunity to rebuild yourself and get out there in full force. You’re going to kill it! 💯” – @mtlhairblog


“Push yourself out of your comfort zone!” – @ao_6918


“I’m glad I’m not the only one who has considered leaving one world to go to another. They both can be challenging and very rewarding.” – Bennie Bennett 


“Go get it!” – @debrasophie


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