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Last updated: September 12, 2018

WATCH: Prelightening + Painting Pearl Pastels

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Prelightening + Painting Pearl Pastels Video How-To

We’re all for a 2-for-1 educational moment, and that’s exactly what Joico Ambassador Larisa Love (@larisadoll) delivered when she went live on our Facebook from the BTC HOUSE. Want to learn how she prelightens to achieve the perfect silver blonde base AND how she creates the ultimate metallic pastel blend using the new Joico Color Intensity Pearl Pastel Shades? Watch the video below for the full how-to, then keep scrolling for the color formulas and finished looks!

Products Used


Watch The Video How-To Below



Check out the finished look below, then click the beaker for the formula!

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  • Formula A (ends):

    Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 15-volume developer

  • Formula B (midlengths):

    Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 20-volume developer

  • Formula C (roots):

    Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 25-volume developer

  • Formula D (toner):

    Joico LumiShine Demi Liquid 2 oz. 10SB + ½ oz. 9V + ½ oz. 9NV + 5-volume LumiShine Crème Developer

  • Formula E (base):

    Joico Color Intensity Pearl Pastel Violet Pearl

  • Formula F:

    Color Intensity Pearl Pastel Silver Ice

  • Formula G:

    Color Intensity Pearl Pastel Blush

  • Formula H:

    Color Intensity ½ Pastel Pearl Rose Gold + ½ Pastel Pearl Silver Ice



Prelightening after

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