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Last updated: November 07, 2017

WATCH: Pink Veil Unicorn Melt

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  • Formula A (prelightener)

    Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME® Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ + 30-volume developer

  • Formula B (prelightener)

    BLONDME® Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ + 7-volume developer

  • Formula C (color melt)

    Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA® ColorWorx® INTENSE Mauve + White Diluter (1.5:1)

  • Formula D (color melt)

    IGORA® ColorWorx® INTENSE Fuchsia + White Diluter (1.5:1)

  • Formula E (color melt)

    IGORA® ColorWorx® INTENSE Coral + White Diluter (1.5:1)

  • Formula F (color melt)

    IGORA® ColorWorx® INTENSE Turquoise + White Diluter (1.5:1)

  • Formula G (pink veil)

    60g IGORA ROYAL 9.5-18 + 10g ColorWorx® Pink + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 7-volume develop (1:1)

Metallics aren’t going anywhere and this dreamy color melt by Jeffrey Robert (@jeffreyrobert_) gives the trend a colorful, dimensional upgrade. Jeffrey went live on our Facebook to break down the color process for the BTC fam, so we have the formulas and steps you need to create this mermaid-worthy melt! Plus, watch the full video how-to below!



Get The Steps 

1. Prelighten the hair by applying Formula A to the roots and Formula B throughout. Process for 45 minutes until she lifts to a Level 10, then rinse.


2. Pre-tone by shampooing with Schwarzkopf Professional BC COLOR FREEZE Silver Shampoo. Process for 3 minutes, then rinse and blow-dry.


3. Create zigzag sections in the mohawk area—from the crown to temples—and clip the hair out of the way. Using a pinwheel sectioning technique, create 10 1.5-inch sections around the back of the head starting above the occipital bone.


4. Create two-shade color melts on each section, applying Formulas C, D, E and F. Start with the right half of the pinwheel, working from the lower-right section to the top-right section. Make sure each section doesn’t use the same two colors as the previous section (for dimension without overlap!).


5. Separate every section with foils. Pro Tip: Saturate your melts using a brush with strong bristles, then blend using your fingers at the midshaft. “If you think the color is saturated, add more,” suggests Jeffrey.


6. Then, take the zig-zag sections at the top—leaving the front section and “the money piece” out—and create three color melts.


7. After, mirror the color-melting process on the left side of the pinwheel.


8. Then, apply Formula G to the front section (including the money piece!).  


9. Process for 25 minutes, then rinse with cold water.


Finished Look


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Watch the full video how-to below!


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