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October 4, 2017

WATCH: Five Faux Transformations


“I think I want a pixie, but I want my length to stay at my chin.” “I would LOVE bangs…just kidding, I hate them.” “Should I get a bob?” We KNOW these client conversations…and we have answers on how to handle them.


Michael Shaun Corby, Living Proof Global Creative Director, went live exclusively on BTC’s Facebook with Lacey Hanmer of the Living Proof Creative Team to show how you can achieve major transformations on clients without picking up scissors. Watch Michael Shaun and Lacey create a fringe (seen above), bob, pixie, mullet and even a pomp on a long-haired guy—five amazing trans-faux-mations that you can use to help an indecisive client or for Halloween!


Some can’t-miss-it moments:


  • Watch Michael Shaun pin the faux fringe at 4:42… any Audrey Hepburn Halloween costumes out there?!
  • Get an amazing glimpse of Lacey’s almost-undetectable faux pixie at 12:55. This is a great way to show clients who covet short hair what they might look like if they make the chop!
  • Tune in at about 21:00 to see Michael Shaun form the faux pomp (which would be PERFECT for an Elvis costume, just saying…)


Keep scrolling for the video and to see more before and after images!










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