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Last updated: June 17, 2019

WATCH: How To Create A High Pony That POPS!

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The high pony is one of the biggest styling trends right now, so you can’t let your client leave with a pony that falls flat. To help, Eric Vaughn (@realericvaughn) went live on BTC’s Facebook at Matrix Destination 2018 to share his secret behind creating high ponies that POP! Find out what tips he offered for this super popular style, then watch the full video below!



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Eric’s Top High Pony Tips
1. Create A Long-Lasting Pony – 3:43


Pro Tip: Make sure the teeth of the Pony Popper are secured underneath the pony.



  • The secret to volume that lasts? Lots of hairspray!


2. Ensure Extensions Go Unseen – 4:50

  • Think extensions and updos can’t work together? Think again. The trick is strategically placing them—here’s what Eric does:


  • Tape-Ins: Apply them away from the hairline so no tracks show as you pull the hair up.


  • Clip-Ins: Wrap the extensions around the first ponytail, then place the Pony Popper directly over that to secure them.


A colored clip-in is the perfect accessory for quick, non-committal color!


3. Up Your Ticket Price And Make Her Pony Edgier – 7:23

  • Adding a pop of vibrant color with a clip-in extension is a quick add-on service that instantly gives her more edge.


  • Place a colored clip-in underneath the ponytail, then wrap it around the base of the pony. Use bobby pins to secure the extension and hide the invisibobble.


Watch the full video below!

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