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Last updated: September 05, 2018

WATCH: 3-Step Thinning Hair Regimen

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Thinning hair and hair loss are more common than your clients realize, yet they are typically embarrassed to discuss their options. Watch ColorProof Color Care Authority International Creative Director Phillip Wilson walk his client through a three-step thinning hair regimen that can yield results in as little as three weeks.


BioRepair-8™ Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair Therapy System is a three-step treatment that:

  • Promotes cell turnover and longevity of cell health, regenerating the scalp
  • Restores the scalp environment to optimum conditions for new growth
  • Promotes stronger, thicker, fuller-looking results
  • Strengthens and repairs weak hair from the inside out
  • Provides color and heat protection



Consumer testing showed that BioRepair-8™ delivers increase in growth in as early as three weeks. It is designed exclusively for color-treated hair and is formulated with all of ColorProof’s proprietary, color protecting ingredients. Keep scrolling for before-and-afters and the entire three-step system how-to!




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1. Start by addressing the areas of concern and setting the client’s expectation for the service and results. Wet hair and lather with BioRepair-8™ Anti-Thinning Shampoo to deep clean and exfoliate the scalp with the shampoo. According to ColorProof, alphahydroxy acids help increase circulation and remove buildup, preparing the scalp to receive eight natural DHT blockers and create a healthy scalp environment to encourage new growth.


Work in gentle, circular patterns around the head to stimulate the scalp. Remember, hair is 50 percent more prone to breakage when wet, so be careful to not overly manipulate longer hair. Rinse hair thoroughly.



2. Apply BioRepair-8™ Anti-Thinning Condition to deposit a stem cell complex to restore and regenerate new cell turnover. The combo of biotin and copper peptides repair the tissue responsible for the anchoring of new growth, according to ColorProof. Distribute from scalp to ends and rinse well. Towel-blot hair to remove excess moisture.



3. Section the hair and apply BioRepair-8™ Stem Cell Scalp Serum directly to the scalp in thinning areas as needed and massage in. This helps infuse biotin and copper peptides that deliver vitamins and phytonutrients to promote thicker, fuller, stronger hair, ColorProof says. Use on damp or dry hair two times daily for best results.



Watch the whole process below!


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