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Last updated: July 30, 2020

Want A Secret For Faster Color Services? Read This…

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3 Cheats For Faster Color Services

Too slow behind the chair? Now’s the time to pick up the pace and we know a product that can help with faster color services. Enter bonding color masks, aka color-depositing masks that provide intense care thanks to its integrated bond technology. Keep reading because below, we’re sharing three ways to use these timesavers in the salon!


1. Skip The Pre-Toning Step

Some bonding masks, like Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks, are formulated with toning properties so you can mix them with vibrant shades to create custom colors all across the color wheel. “Being able to mix the toning into the vibrant shades removes the step of pre-toning and ensures the color fades how you want it to,” explains BTC Visual Editor Megan Schipani (@shmeggsandbaconn).


But if blonde is the desired result and there’s some unwanted brass that needs to be neutralized, you can do what Schwarzkopf Professional International Ambassador Pavel Sheff (@sheffpavelstylist) does in the video above and tone with Chroma ID Bonding Mask 9,5-19. (Check out the difference in the below pic!)


Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks Megan Schipani @shmeggsandbaconn Timesaving Color Melt Pre-Tone Treatment
The left is blonde hair that hasn’t been toned and the right is blonde hair that’s been toned with Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID. // Instagram via @sheffpavelstylist


2. Treat The Hair As You Color It

Megan says using a bonding mask is ultimately like giving clients a luxury color and treatment service all in one appointment. That means whether you’re toning a prelightened blonde, painting a pretty pastel or creating a color melt masterpiece, your guests leave with hair that feels incredibly soft and healthy.


3. Speed Up The Application Time For Vibrant Blends & Color Melts

Creative colorists, this one’s for you! Bonding color masks are designed to be applied on wet hair, which means you can skip the step of blow drying the hair before applying a bold fashion color.


Another perk of applying bonding color masks directly to wet hair? Color melting is seamless AF. “It’s best to apply on hair that is damp because the product goes further and it’s easier to melt,” shared Megan. “The product really just responds and glides easier on hair that is damp.”


Pro Tip: Keep a spray bottle close by so you can spritz the hair if it starts to dry out.


Watch how @shmeggsandbaconn seamlessly color melts using Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks in the IGTV below!

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