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Last updated: May 01, 2019

Video Quickie: @brianacisneros’ Interior Layering Technique

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Watch How @brianacisneros Cuts Interior Layers

Interior layering is an ideal cutting technique for thick-haired clients who want a one-length cut because it adds texture while removing weight. But, the process can look a little aggressive. So what’s the secret to cutting planned and precise interior layers? BTC Team Member and Moroccanoil® Global Ambassador Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) knows, and she broke it down for her 185k Instagram followers! Watch the video below (with the sound on 😉) to learn her technique.



Watch the video below (with SOUND ON) to hear Briana explain interior layers!


Remember this…

  • When a client with super thick hair wants a one-length cut, you HAVE to layer the interior to avoid creating a look with zero dimension. Briana says the key is to add “spices, secrets and flavor,” aka lots of detailing, to give the cut movement and versatility.


  • Briana cuts everything to the same place, so even though her technique looks aggressive, the result is even lines that are soft and feathery throughout the ends. 


Finished look // Instagram via @barbinspired



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