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Last updated: December 15, 2020

Use This Simple Foil Trick To Prevent Lines Of Demarcation

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Watch: Fold & Lock Foil Technique To Prevent Harsh Lines
When we spotted this foil trick from Jessica Scott Santo (@jessicascotthair) on Insta, we were seriously obsessed! Why? We’re always looking for little tips and techniques to help you live your best life behind the chair, especially during those grueling color services that take years off your life 😂 That’s why we’re sharing the WHAT, WHY and HOW you can start using this ‘fold and lock’ foil technique to prevent foils from slipping ASAP with videos to show you exactly how it’s done. You’re welcome ❤️


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What Is “Fold & Lock” & Why Should You Use It?
Sick of seeing harsh lines in foiled blondes? Your foils are probably slipping. Jessica started using this fold and lock technique to secure foils so they don’t move. It’s also great for applying root touch-ups in between foils. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown!


Fold & Lock Technique Steps:

  1. Prep the hair with Joico Defy Damage Pro-Series 1 to shield hair from damage, improve color deposit and provide greater lift.
  2. Using a long tail comb (this will prevent from piercing the foils), fold the top part of the foil over with the comb pointing away from you.
  3. Start painting the section with Joico Blonde Life and 20-volume Joico Lumishine Developer, applying with a brush. 
  4. Fold the bottom part of the foil halfway up the section, then fold the rest up and a little bit over the foil line.
  5. Stick the tail comb underneath the foil (where the lip is) and push forward to the where the top and bottom will meet, then fold the sides in.


Pro Tip: For the foil pattern, Jessica works on a slanted Mohawk section to prevent the top of the head having a stripey color effect—aka throwback Kelly Clarkson highlights!


Watch The Fold & Lock Technique Below!

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What Would You Do: Harsh Lines After TWO WEEKS!
When Jessica’s new client came in for corrective color, after only getting her hair colored TWO WEEKS prior, she had these harsh lines of demarcation. That’s exactly why she uses the fold and lock technique…but here’s how she handled this situation!


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Get The Steps Below

  • Prep with Joico Defy Damage Pro-Series 1 and highlight with Joico Blonde Life and 20-volume developer, using the fold and lock technique (obvi!).
  • Root shadow with Joico Lumishine 8NA + 8N.
  • Gloss the rest of the hair with Lumishine 9NV and 5-volume developer.
  • Apply Joico Defy Damage Pro-Series 2 all over, process for 5 minutes and rinse to replenish color-treated hair (especially during corrective color!). 


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