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Last updated: April 06, 2018

Updo Pricing: What to Charge When Putting It Up


By Patricia Green

Decorations are up, carols are being sung, and your clients will be desperate for a fabulous updo this holiday season. You’ve got the talent and skills – now just to figure out the going rate of a hot holiday do. We asked our BTC Facebook Fans to help us answer this question so everyone can be prepared for the holiday rush.  

Time Is Money: 
If you are wondering what to charge for an updo, first ask yourself how long this service will take. Like other salon services, price is based on time and skill so use that same rule of thumb when determining your updo price point. Look at it this way: If a haircut and blow out requires an hour and an updo requires the same, then you have just established your hourly rate. Remember where you live and what the average income is when pricing. You don’t want to be priced too hire for you market, but at the same time you don’t want to be giving away the salon.
BTC Facebook BFF’s Average Price: $35-$65.

Add On Dollars:
Having a starting price gives you some wiggle room to customize the price depending on the complexity and time spent creating the look. Your established base price allows for deviation so you can adjust according to the complexity of the style, as well as the length and type of hair the client is asking you to transform into an outstanding updo. Outlining this before the service helps your client understand the price and keeps protests and complaints to a minimum. 
BTC Facebook BFF’s Complex Updos Average Starting Rate: $75

Road Trip:
If your client needs you to go to a different location for this service, you should be charging extra for this special treatment. Remember to also ask if others are in need of an updo and create a group rate. By doing so everyone gets more bang for their buck and you have the opportunity of snagging a few new clients.
BTC Facebook BFF’s Average Road Trip Rate: $25-$30
All in all, don’t underestimate yourself or your clients. Know what your time is worth and the skills you possess.

A special thanks to all the BTC Facebook Fans who played BTC’s version of “The Price is Right.”