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April 26, 2018

WHAT WOULD YOU DO: Unreasonable Footwear Policy?

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You’re on your feet 8+ hours a day—what would you do if you couldn’t wear comfortable shoes AND had to stand on concrete? One of our members is struggling with this problem and asked for input from our BTC fam! Check out her question below, then see how all of you responded!


“The salon I work in switched our floors from wood to stained concrete. We are not allowed to wear comfortable shoes unless we have a doctor’s note. I’m also under the impression that they don’t feel as if sneakers are ‘trendy.’ Not all of our stylist have health insurance. I’ve also seen celebrity stylists wearing sneakers of all sorts in very high-end salons. Am I wrong in thinking this is unfair?”


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Your Health Should Come First!

“ALWAYS put your health first! Health over money every time! As far as the doctor’s note, I think it’s worth the charge of the visit to keep your assets (legs, feet, back, etc.) protected! Maybe re-examine your situation and see if it’s still worth it to work for someone who disregards the health of their employees like this. Good luck to you!” – @lexikayeking


“Your feet are your foundation! If you work on bad floors and have to wear uncomfortable shoes, it’s going to cause back issues. We work on our feet all day long. Does your salon owner not work behind the chair? I’d leave…” – @tedi_graham


“I worked for a salon like that. I feel your pain. I think it’s seriously wrong to expect your stylists to be uncomfortable and have throbbing legs at the end of the week.” – @hellinheels02


“Are you saying the owners will fire you for wearing a comfortable shoe on concrete floors? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? That’s what I would tell them if I were to wear comfortable shoes and they attempted to fire me. That’s how the clients are going to see it when they find out—and they will. That is going to be what the streets will talk about. Not the floor or the work.” – @ricklesserhairandmakeup


“I worked in a salon for a man who had no idea how uncomfortable it was for his entire female staff to wear heels or dressy shoes on his ceramic tile floors, and he wouldn’t let us use foam mats because they “looked ugly.” It wasn’t until many of us developed health problems and needed time off that he finally let us wear sensible shoes and use mats for the stylists that had it the worst. My point? Our health is extremely important, and if we can’t stand up, we can’t do our jobs. If your boss is like my old one, it might be time to find somewhere else.” – @kristendana_


“It is unfair. Get a doctor’s note or find a new salon. I’ve also found boots with ½-inch to 1-inch heels that work well for me.” – @thmua



It’s The Beauty Industry—We Need To Look The Part

“In our business, appearance is important because we represent the beauty industry, but a stylist has to be comfortable. Look after your health. There are plenty of comfortable shoes (try Arche brand). Make sure your hair and makeup are done, dress professionally.” – @nurajalketa


“Shoes can be comfortable and not be sneakers. Invest in a nice pair of comfortable dress shoes, and aim for a low heel. I won’t wear more than a 2½-inch heel for work. Clark’s, Sofft and Rockport are good brands that last a long time and are very comfortable. Ballet flats always look nice also, or low-heeled booties. I completely understand not allowing sneakers. Not everyone will take advantage, but someone eventually will and it turns into a mess. We work on our feet all day and comfortable footwear is a must.”  @Mistallion


“Ariat International makes some super cute, fashionable, ankle booties with great support. I can wear mine 12+ hours. Also, OTBT, Korkease and Freebird are my go-to brands. Add insoles for extra comfort, and never wear the same pair two days in a row. The problem with sneakers is that people get lazy and still wear them after they look like the dogs been chewing on them!” – @stella1973


“We do need to be fashion forward and modern—we are in the business of beauty, but that doesn’t mean uncomfortable! I can no longer wear big heels so I search for shoes and boots that work for me and will enable me to keep working for another 15 years.” – @dandjtoledo


“Comfortable shoes don’t have to be tennis shoes. I switched to Blundstone Boots. They’re trendy, and the most comfortable boots I’ve ever bought. There are tons of trendy orthopedic shoes out there, you just have to be willing to spend a little bit of money.” – @bombshellred


“You can get comfortable dress shoes. I work in a salon and we can’t wear runners. I invested in some decent dress shoes and they were worth every penny.” – @misskatiedee_


“There are appropriate shoes for professional wear out there that are not sneakers. Sneakers are for athletics or leisure time.” – @kelsiewens


“I put Super Feet brand insoles in all my work shoes for this exact reason. I mostly wear combat boots to work in the winter and a short bootie in the summer. But we also have foam mats at our stations on top of the concrete. Sneakers are OK at my salon, but they have to be CLEAN!” – @redemmie



It’s 2018—Sneakers Are Trendy & Clients Don’t Care!

“Trend of 2018: Athleisure! It means you can actually get away with wearing workout clothes everywhere you go and it’s in fashion!” – @rainbowrage


“I’m not a stylist but I can tell y’all one thing…I have been seeing the same stylist for the past three years and I have nooooo idea what kind of shoes the goddess who blesses my hair with her magic wears. I’ve never looked at her feet” – @512courtney


“I refuse to wear anything but sneakers. Why would I purposely hurt my body? My boss tried to create this no tennis shoes rule before but then ended up allowing all black shoes, so I got all black tennis shoes.” – @_skyelife


“I don’t care what kind of footwear my stylist wears as long as she’s comfortable, then I’m more likely to get a better experience! And yes, sneakers are trendy and fashionable!” – @clintsnextwife