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Last updated: January 02, 2018

Our Top 10 Most-Liked Insta Posts From 2017

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Quickies, transformations, braids, coffee-inspired color and hilarious memes—we saw it all in 2017. Here are our most-liked Insta posts, aka your favorite grams, from the year that’s almost in our rearview mirror.


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1. This blondie makeover with 83,000 likes!


2. This viral braid with 67,000 likes!




3. This midnight blue hue with 59,000 likes!


4. This winter flower crown with 50,000 likes!


5. This cutie baby with 42,000 likes!


6. This bangin’ transformation with 41,000 likes!




7. This hilarious Halloween meme with 40,000 likes! 


8. This December truth bomb with 41,000 likes!


9. This coffee-inspired color with 39,000 likes!




10. This fresh chop with 38,000 likes!