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Last updated: January 03, 2023

Toning Hacks To Use During Any Service

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How To Incorporate Toning Services Into Your Service Menu

Ever feel overwhelmed by the constant new toning techniques? Melting, shadowing, root drops—are we supposed to be offering everything!? Learn how to work with toners in a way that makes sense for your service menu. Keep reading for a go-to list of toner hacks and services to use on any client, any color!


Easy Color Melting 

To make a color melt really pop and offer versatile, natural-looking color to your clients, tailor toning formulas to specific parts of the hair. Using a lighter formula around the face frame and blending deeper tones through the crown can add a lot of depth and contour to the hair. Using multiple formulas is not as daunting as it seems—IG’s favorite Carlos Rojas (@colorbycarlos) shares his formula for a golden melt that perfectly highlights the face.


Try this formula combo for an easy color melt:

All over color: Schwarzkopf Professional CHROMA ID 6-12 + 6-volume developer (leave out face frame!)

Face frame shadow root: Schwarzkopf Professional CHROMA ID 6-12 (you will melt this into your face frame)

Face frame: Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA VIBRANCE 8-0


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Are you missing any shades in your backbar? Check out all the IGORA VIBRANCE swatches here!


Painting In Diagonal Sections

Try switching up your sectioning technique for added dimension. It seems simple (because it is!) but changing partings from straight lines to diagonal sections makes a huge difference in the way your client’s color turns out. 


A seamless blend with visible movement will look more natural and save you time on your future appointments. “I don’t color every client just to root smudge, I color every client to achieve a blend so that I don’t have to root smudge at every appointment,” says color educator Tabetha Carns (@tabetha_and_co).


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Pro Tip: Save this color swatch hack to pick the perfect toner when your clients pull too warm! 


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Shadow Root & Glaze On Dark Hair

Toners go far beyond correcting brassy blondes, so don’t overlook your dark clients. When a client feels like their color is dulling, the right choice of toners can add vibrancy and dimension back—even on Level 2’s!


A shadow root and glaze is great to offer as a “pick me up” in-between appointments. Permanent color is often too opaque to achieve a lot of movement on dark hair, so mixing a few shades of toner instead will keep your client’s hair looking fresh, not heavy. 


Check out Carlos’s quick two-step process:


Toning Level 10+ Without Damage

Yes, it’s possible! When you’re lifting clients all the way to Level 10, you need to be very aware of the products you’re using and the hair you’re working with.


Blonde specialist Adeiza Jatto (@guidedhands) shares that he uses IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Gel when lifting textured clients. The gel consistency is able to saturate textured hair evenly, avoiding any splotches or banding while processing.  “I love how it gives my processor a more consistent texture. This allows my brush strokes to be much more even across each hair strand,” says Adeiza. 


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Using Pastel Shades For Brightness

Pastels aren’t just for fashion colors! The pearlescent finish pastel toners give could be the oomph you’ve been looking to add for your blonde clients. “The pastels add such a softness and glow to your —they also photograph beautifully,” says Tabetha. 


Try Tabetha’s Formula: Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA VIBRANCE 9-4 (1oz.) + 9.5-5 Pastel Gold (1/2oz ) + splash of 9.5-19 Pastel Cendré Violet


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Products Used


You’re ready! Try these toning & glazing services to MAKE MORE MONEY!

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