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February 1, 2015

THROW(WAY)BACK THURSDAY: A Client’s Request for Outdated and Unhealthy

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Throw(WAY)back Thursday:
A Client’s Request for Outdated & Unhealthy


The last time a client walked into your salon and told you “The higher the bangs, the closer to God,” the year was more than likely 1989. But what if that happened next week? In 2017, a client with thinning hair sits in your chair and says “Let’s try for Kelly Clarkson chunky highlights!” It’s dated and this stylist needs help breaking this news to her client, especially since her client’s hair can no longer withstand the styling damage!. “When I saw the client three months ago, her hair was in poor condition. Now she would like me to perm and layer her hair in a very 80s style! How do I tell her the look she is requesting is outdated, along with the fact that the style will cause her hair even more damage?” Here are some suggestions from the BTC community on how to, or how not to, break the news.


1. Educate and listen
“Our concern is to provide the client with what they want while keeping the integrity of their hair in mind. I’d educate her on the damage she’ll be doing to her hair, and if she still wants to get it, well, there’s no one to blame but her.” – Jeni Lehuanani


2. Let her see for herself
“Do a test strand. Pull it out and stretch it in front of her so she can see for herself her hair pull apart like straw. That usually does the trick.” – Joshua Scott


3. The customer is always right
“The fact that it’s outdated is irrelevant if that’s what the client wants. Who are we to tell them a style they like isn’t ‘in’ anymore?” – Crystal Adair



4. Speak your mind (with tact)
“I have had requests for styles I personally thought were outdated. I offer my recommendations, maybe for a modification of what they ask for, sharing that it’s a little more modern. Sometimes they go for it.” – Diane McCaffrey Sesselberg


5. Her call, not yours
“If she wants a 60’s beehive, you give it to her. Your job is to stay current when guests want something new, not when you think they should want something new.” – Renee Brasier


6. Style is cyclical
“It’s cruel to say something is too outdated for you to do! Who are you to say it’s not the next big thing and they would be the first one to bring it back?” – Monica Boucher


7. If it damages the hair, it damages your reputation
“Tell her that you won’t do that to her hair if it means compromising your quality of work.” – Mary Martinez


8. Pursuit of happiness
“Styles are always changing. Outdated is the new updated as long as the hair is left with integrity and the clients happy.” – Janine Oliver