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Last updated: May 06, 2020

This Salon Is Giving Back To Their Community—Here’s How You Can Too!

How Hairdressers And Salons Are Helping Their Community During The Pandemic
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How A Small Town Salon Is Making A Big Difference

We might not be in the salon with our clients, but we can still be a positive light in our community by supporting one another and coming together (with safe distance, of course!) for a good cause. BTC community member Nichole Ann Londo (@nikkiannstyles), the proud owner of Salon Joy in Pennsylvania, reached out to us and shared how her community-based salon is giving back and spreading joy by hosting several events—and how your salon can too! 


Over the past few years, Salon Joy has hosted A TON of community events that include: offering free services, collecting food and clothes, providing flowers for people in hospice and so much more. Keep reading to learn about what you can accomplish if you shift your focus to those in need, plus tips for how you can host your own event below.


Use This Time To Regroup, Refocus & Spread Positivity

It’s true—hairdressers touch more hearts than hair! “Even during the most difficult times, we have the opportunity to bring awareness and the opportunity to help others,” shares Nichole. “Times are hard, finances are dwindling away while we wait for PPP and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) but in the meantime, there is no better time to regroup, refocus and to spread joy.” 


Before we get into all of the different events Salon Joy has been hosting in their community (spoiler: it’s a lot!), it’s important to recognize that while Nichole’s salon team is small, their magnitude of community outreach is incredible and truly inspiring! Salon Joy team members include Nichole, fellow stylist Monika Ann and a “stylist in training,” Nichole’s sixteen-year-old daughter Nolee-Ana.


Along with the salon team, her children Tyler and ‘Glitter Tattoo Manager’ Nadia always help behind the scenes. Nichole has also rallied other community members and small businesses to join her efforts!


How Hairdressers And Salons Are Helping Their Community During The Pandemic
Salon Joy, a community-based salon in Pennsylvania.


Here are the events Salon Joy has been hosting during the pandemic:


Fill The Bus Food Drive: “Currently we are hosting a Fill The Bus Food Drive and 100 percent of the proceeds go to our local food pantry,” shares Nichole. “We have a bus (yes, a bus!) at our salon and I set up a table Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM for donations. Social distancing is easily practiced and being followed.”


How Hairdressers And Salons Are Helping Their Community During The Pandemic
Fill The Bus Food Drive, 2020.


Essential Worker Makeovers: Salon Joy is running a program on their Facebook page where community members can nominate their favorite essential workers for a chance to win makeovers once the salon reopens.


Easter Goody Bags: “We also partnered with our local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post and provided 400 goody bags full of treats for the children of our community for Easter,” shares Nichole.


Goin’ On A Bear Hunt Event: “Our local American Legion post donated teddy bears to the salon to pass out to the local community while they drive to get fresh air with their families,” shares Nichole.


Tap through some pics from the events!



Since 2017, Salon Joy has also hosted these community events:


  • Prom Dress Drive
  • Fill The Backpack/Sneaker Drive
  • Free Haircuts For The Homeless
  • Memorial Day/Veteran’s Day Events
  • Free Lunches For The Homeless
  • Flowers For Hospice




Looking to host your own community event?

Here’s some advice from Nichole on how to get started:


  • Where To Start: Have a brainstorming meeting to share ideas. There are many community organizations that are in need of volunteers and donations. Start the conversation by reaching out to them and offering your support.


  • Creating A Budget: Choose a community event theme and plan with a purpose in mind. “Giving back to the community doesn’t have to be costly. Use your resources and manage your time effectively,” shares Nichole. “By doing so, you will be able to create events that will serve others on budget!”


  • Spreading Awareness: Social media is a GREAT TOOL for bringing awareness to your community event. Use your salon’s Instagram and Facebook pages to promote and share important info.


  • Use A Hashtag: Create a hashtag for your events to draw attention, promote and encourage participation. Salon Joy uses #spreadjoy for all of their community events.


  • Reach Out To Other Businesses: Network with local businesses. “Perhaps a local bakery will supply the desserts or a local restaurant will be a donation site,” shares Nichole. “You never know unless you ask.


  • Invite Hometown Heroes: “Don’t forget to invite hometown heroes, from the first responders to the mayor. Nothing shows more community support than having a parking lot full of service providers and their rides,” shares Nichole. “It’s always my favorite seeing the local fire truck pulling up to our event. Also, they make great judges too!”


  • Say Thanks: “Don’t forget to say thank you [to] those that help you with your event,” shares Nichole. “From family and friends, clients and local businesses, be sure to follow up and let them know that you appreciate their support. This will help you build strong ties in the community and possible support for your next event.”


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