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Last updated: April 29, 2022

Stylist Goes Viral On TikTok For Charging $1,950 For Cut & Color

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Stylist Goes Viral For Charging $1,950 For Cut & Color

We LOVE a good transformation, but when Cali-based stylist Jasmine Policarpo (@byprado_) posted a TikTok sharing her process (and pricing!) for taking a client from brunette to ashy blonde over the course of two days, the comment section had A LOT to say. 


The video—which has over 1.5 million views—speeds up the 13-hour foil service, which colorists know is typical for dramatic dark-to-light transformations. In the video, Jasmine broke down her pricing that was priced at $150 an hour, bringing the client’s total to $1,950. TikTokers shared their opinions for Jasmine’s price point in the comments.


Pricing is personal, and reflects the time, effort and skill involved in each and every appointment. Jasmine explained her pricing in a IG post: “Know your worth. If you are creating [a] transformation that will last, will be less damaging to the hair, and that is worth the price tag… you too deserve to get paid what I charge.” 


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Users Disagreed With The Large Price Point

Some users simply couldn’t believe she charged that much, stating they could have achieved that result in less time. 


“Insane and unnecessary,” one user commented.


“Almost 2k for it to grow out in three weeks,” another commented. 


Other commenters noticed that Jasmine had ruined the client’s shirt, pointing out a large bleach stain in the after photo. 


When a viewer commented, “$2,000 to get bleach all over someone’s shirt? No thank you,” Jasmine quickly responded saying that it was an accident and that her client was not upset about the shirt. 


While Others Supported Charging Accordingly

Some users praised Jasmine for charging that amount and completely understood what it takes when a client with a darker starting level asked for this type of transformation in one appointment. 


“I mean, it’s your time and skill,” one comment read. “If some people don’t want to pay that then they can find someone else, but there are people who are willing to pay that bill then why are people so mad?” 


Jasmine Shared Her Thoughts On IG

Jasmine took to her Instagram to explain the video and exactly when and why she chooses hourly pricing. Explaining that she is known for transforming darker clients to platinum blonde in one day, most of her clientele are willing to sit in her chair for up to 13 hours to achieve the look they want. 


When lightening, Jasmine explains that she takes very thin sections to make sure the hair is fully saturated and avoids speeding up the lifting process with heat. This means longer appointment times!


“My prices are determined by the end goal and the starting point of the hair. Of course I cover my products and tools, but so much more than that. What many people fail to understand is that what I am creating usually takes five to six sessions in another stylist’s chair. Each ‘session’ would be priced at $300 to $500 dollars (depending on the location). My pricing reflects the full transformation, putting several ‘sessions’ into ONE appointment. That’s what they are paying for, my clients know what to expect when booking, there is no ‘scam’ here,” she explained in her IG post. 


In the end, it is all about making clients happy and confident with their hair. “My client Jeanette, who waited months trying to reserve a spot in my chair, was so happy! The reactions of my clients loving their hair makes everything worth it. I have a job where I can witness the confidence of a woman skyrocket after leaving my chair, it is very rewarding,” Jasmine shared.


When Jasmine shared the same video on her Insta feed, users flooded her comments with praise and support for Jasmine charging her worth.


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