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Last updated: January 15, 2020

Should Men & Women Pay The Same Price At The Barber? Read This!

Why Do Men and Women Pay Different Prices At The Barber For Haircuts
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Pricing: Should Men & Women’s Haircuts Cost The Same At The Barber Shop?
Dear barbers, if the men and women in your chair are getting similar haircuts, should they cost the same amount? Real talk. Hairdressing is about customizing the client’s experience based on hair length, density, texture and goals. It leaves us wondering…does–no, should—gender have anything to do with pricing? When we spotted this juicy post written by Sirin Kale for The Guardian on the topic, we knew we had to share it with the BTC fam. Keep scrollin’ to see what other hairdressers had to say!



“I live on a London street with a number of hairdressers and barbers,” writes Sirin. “My boyfriend can get a haircut at the Turkish barber for £12. The cheapest option for a woman’s haircut is £53, and they won’t even wash your hair for that. Charging extra for a wash is an unforgivable hairdressing scam, as if dunking your hair in a basin of tepid water is worth £30.” Hairdressers…thoughts?


Sirin also comments on the cultural differences at shops vs. salons, referencing a post from The Metro that reported a woman named Cloe Freeman, who “was turned away from a barber in Jersey because her presence would ‘put men off.’ [Chloe] Freeman has close-cropped hair, and often visits barbers.” 


Because our BTC fam ALWAYS has something to say (and we love you for it!), read some responses below on gendered vs. non-gendered pricing, and TAP HERE to read more in this juicy WWYD!



In the wise words of Missy Elliot, let’s “flip it and reverse it.” While some women don’t feel welcomed by barber shops, some barbers don’t feel supported in a hair salon setting.


Can you be the only barber at a hair salon? Of course you can! But if you’re having anxiety about it or facing challenges, TAP HERE for some relatable advice and motivation when you’re feeling down. 


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