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Last updated: October 24, 2017

Say What?! Topless Haircuts?

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We admit it, we’ve heard of some strange things in the world of beauty! Edible hot wax, doing haircuts off the side of a building for charity (a sweet sentiment but frightening if you’re afraid of heights)…but this one takes the cake!



A 46-year-old grandmother, Suzette Hall (who has nine prior felony convictions) from Loveland, Colorado was arrested after allegedly offering topless haircuts! Yes, you heard that right! The accused grandmother reportedly created a Craigslist ad offering nude barbering services!


Before the shock of that statement overwhelms you, let’s recap the facts. Authorities first began investigating Hall when a series of checks bounced for chair rentals at a salon. As it turns out, the checked hasn’t been signed by Hall, so they were unable to peg her for check fraud, but they did find evidence of something else the fact that she was doing hair without a license, after previously being ordered to stop working in 2008 for the same reason.


Her second bout with police came shortly after opening her own salon called Rebel Beauty in nearby Johnstown, with business partner Anne. Unfortunately, though, the partnership was short-lived; Hall allegedly left the salon after Anne objected to certain business practices. These questionable “business practices” included, as witnesses explained to police, a Craigslist ad charging $45 for topless haircuts. Police said Anne was ‘not comfortable with this and she did not want to have topless haircuts in her business because she is a single mother and…she did not believe this was safe and proper’. But topless haircuts were just the tip of the iceberg. Anne also believed Hall went so far as to solicit sex from male customers after noticing a strange man come into the salon, and finding used condoms in the trash can. After Hall left the business, she started working freelance as a stylist in Loveland.


After an investigation police were unable to find evidence of the Craigslist ad, so instead Hall was arrested for practicing without a cosmetology license along with felony criminal impersonation.


Friends of Hall claim she is innocent and that this attack is a vicious “witch hunt” orchestrated by her ex-husband and business partner. Is she guilty as charged, wrongfully accused? You be the judge!


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