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Last updated: August 06, 2017

Salon Community Outreach – How to Make a Difference

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“Being an integral part of the community is a huge part of John Roberts’ philosophy. We emphasize, even to potential team members during their first interview, how much we do and how much it’s part of our culture,” shares John DiJulius in his highly respected book, Secret Service. He praises salons that share their success with their communities, the pride that doing so inspires in their staff, and the customers who choose to do business with salons because of their community outreach efforts.


John suggests salons of all sizes can get involved in their communities at a level that works for their business. Even if you’re a small company, you can focus on one specific group or cause to make a real impact. Get your team involved in the decision making process to determine what organization you will support. Make sure you share your community outreach projects on your website and on social media to increase awareness and client participation.



In an excerpt from Secret Service, John provides an example of how to support a children’s hospital during the upcoming holiday season.


• Display a “Sharing Wreath” in the reception area during November and December for all the children who will spend the holidays at a local children’s hospital.


• The wreath displays each child’s first name and age, along with a gift he or she would like for the holidays. Establish a contact at the hospital that will help in collecting the information. Reach out to the community relations department for assistance.


• Salon clients choose a name, purchase the gift and bring it to your salon.


• On Christmas Eve, or on a day close to the end of December, take the toys to the hospital and have salon team members present to the children. It’s a wonderful feeling to see all the children’s faces light up when they see so many gifts. It reminds them that they are not forgotten.


• Send an announcement to local TV stations and newspapers, so they may offer coverage that encourages clients and members of the community to support your efforts.
“We are not here to just take money out of the community; we are here to enhance it,” adds John. In addition to providing gifts during the holiday season, try any of the following ways to give back to a children’s hospital:


• Sponsor a New Year’s Eve party with donated drinks and snacks for the kids.


• Provide year-round support at the hospital by setting aside one day a month, such as the second Monday, to pamper patients. Send two or three team members to the hospital to provide services.


• Polish nails and provide hand and arm massages.


• Cut and style or braid hair for children who have hair.


• For older girls who have lost their hair, provide hats or berets and teach them how to apply make-up, to help build self-esteem.


“Building a strong, community presence generates trust, credibility, good will, employee and customer loyalty, along with name recognition. The most selfless acts are the most rewarding,” concludes John. You can use the suggestions above for other health care facilities or hospitals and nursing homes. Encourage clients to help with all of your outreach efforts by posting ways they can join on social media.



You find John’s book, Secret Service, in the BTC bookstore. It provides hidden systems that deliver unforgettable customer service, how to turn complaints into positive experiences and how to build a strong team culture.