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Last updated: February 04, 2020

Roadtripping: A Week At The JPMS Hawaii Seminar

awapuhi farm
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Lauren with Angus Mitchell at the JPMS Awapuhi Farm.

Here’s What Went Down At The JPMS Hawaii Seminar

In the dead of winter, when we’re feeling burned out after the holiday rush and uninspired by the lack of sun, BTC had the chance of a lifetime—to experience a week on the Big Island in Hawaii with John Paul Mitchell Systems. The promise? Salon-friendly technical education, serious business advice and inspiration to try new things behind the chair. The actual result? An unmatched experience including a pilgrimage to Paul Mitchell’s resting place, a true celebration of local culture that was also reflected in the brand’s attitude, and time to recharge.


Check out how JPMS gave hundreds of its hairdressers a chance at renewal during the brand’s 40th anniversary celebrations at the Hawaii Seminar.



Awapuhi Farm

You may know that famed hairdresser Paul Mitchell called Hawaii his home—but did you know the brand’s Awapuhi line still gets all of its awapuhi ginger from the Big Island? We had the chance to experience the John Paul Mitchell Systems Awapuhi Farm, where Paul himself lived and worked (and where his final resting place is now.)


john paul mitchell systems awapuhi farm
@caitlintyczka, @hairbystevie and BTC Editorial Director Lauren.


Paul Mitchell’s son and JPMS Co-Owner Angus Mitchell led hairdressers around the farm and reminisced about his childhood there, recalling how he would pick the “shampoo ginger” in his youth before helping process and grind the plant. Today, the farm still produces all of the ginger used in Paul Mitchell Awapuhi products—and it does so completely sustainably and entirely off-the-grid. It’s a legacy Paul, a man committed to doing right by Planet Earth, would be proud of. Tap here to learn all about the Awapuhi Farm.


awapuhi farm
Lauren with Angus Mitchell at the JPMS Awapuhi Farm.


Salon-Friendly Education

From morning to late afternoon, our days were spent with JPMS Artistic Directors, educators and Future Professionals learning useful salon techniques and strong business education. Robert Cromeans, JPMS Global Artistic & Business Director, acted as the week’s emcee, segueing into education from Artistic Director of Color Colin Caruso, Artistic Director Heather Kaanoi, and Editorial Director Noogie Thai. With support from JPMS Educators Mary Cromeans, Fern Andong, Lucas Doney and Cristiano Cora, plus VP of Key Customer Relationships Stephanie Kocielski, we left with an arsenal of new ideas and key tips to use on guests.


paul mitchell educators
Stage education from Paul Mitchell Educators. Clockwise from top left: Kelly Cardenas, Colin Caruso, Heather Kaanoi, Mary Cromeans, Noogie Thai, Cristiano Cora, Stephanie Kocielski.


Want a taste of JPMS education? Watch this compilation of smart blonding tricks!


Business Advice

We can’t run strong salons without being business people, so we loved the entire day dedicated to learning new ways of thinking about management, finances and retail. Starting with Kelly Cardenas, who owns three Paul Mitchell salons and motivated us to “speak life” into everyone we touch, to Lauren Gartland, who founded the Inspiring Champions salon coaching program, we had a dose of real talk that will get real results.


Watch Kelly Cardenas discuss how he handled a salon walkout!


Kiholo Bay

The JPMS brand carries Paul’s commitment to the planet in everything it does—for example, the brand partnered with Green Circle Salons to ensure all salon waste created during the Hawaii Seminar was thoughtfully recycled. That commitment extends to Kiholo Bay, a sacred and ancient Hawaiian fishing pond area. Paul purchased the land and had dreams to build on it, but never did. Angus donated the land back to the state of Hawaii and its people. Now, it’s a specially conserved area of the Big Island, with a team working on bringing these ancient grounds back to a sustainable state.


We had the chance to experience Kiholo Bay with Angus, and it was a place of remarkable beauty and Aloha spirit.



Photo Shoot

What better way to put the creativity we gained in Hawaii to the test than with a collaborative photo shoot? BTC Team Members @hairbystevie, @caitlintyzcka and @fullmetaljaxon collabed with @brittsully and @shelleygregoryhair on this gorgeous model, creating a Big Island-inspired mood with texture and Paul Mitchell products.



Hungry for more tips and Hawaii vibes? Tap below to see how to create these finger waves!

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