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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Rainbow Babylights + Color Misting

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Pulp Riot took #thebtcshow stage for their first time ever and it was an instant hit. They brought out 13 educators—@alexisbutterflyloft, @davidbutterflyloft, @doug_theo, @glamiris, @jaywesleyolson, @hairbykaseyoh, @rubydevine, @bottleblonde76, @hair_princess_steph, @wesdoeshair, @stephygnarstagram, @bleachedandblown and @hairbymisskellyo—and talked color, cutting and styling. Since the brand is highly focused on new, on-trend techniques and fashion colors, we grabbed a few tips from their rainbow babylight and color-misting segments. Check ‘em out.


The Rainbow Babylights Technique



For Clients Who Are New To Fashion Colors…
Keep your sectioning method simple! @hairbymisskaseyoh uses a simple highlight sectioning pattern—the top, sides and back—and applies Pulp Riot rainbow colors throughout. This is a good way to introduce fashion colors to new clients.



For Creating The Perfect Rainbow Effect…
Follow a traditional rainbow color scheme, blend the color down and always brush the color in horizontally to avoid harsh lines. If you keep the color scheme the same throughout the entire head, you will easily end up with a rainbow ombré effect. Another secret? Kasey doesn’t use red. Why? She finds it can be too harsh on the hair. Instead go in with pink, then melt orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.


For The Ultimate Holographic Look…
Add a few drops of the Pulp Riot Clear to every color, and, on the color between your rainbow babylights, go in with Pulp Riot Mercury and Lilac to create a smoky silver base. This will give your rainbow babylights more pop.



The Color Misting Technique


For The Correct Consistency…
Fill a spray bottle all the way up with water and then add a decent-sized squeeze of Pulp Riot color. @hair_princess_steph says because Pulp Riot is lotion- and conditioner-base, the color will spray out like a mist and will have a watercolor effect. If the consistency is off, the color will spray out like a line.



For The Best Color Outcome…
Mist with primary colors only. Why? It will be easier to keep the hair clean, you won’t accidentally cancel any color out and you can still simply create any color by mixing the primaries together.


For The Getting The Color To Last…
It’s all about the maintenance. Steph says this technique creates a color that is similar to a pastel—which means, it will stay in the hair as long as your clients work to maintain it. It’s a stain—it won’t disappear immediately.


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