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Last updated: September 11, 2018

Preserve Vibrant Haircolor—Use These Top 4 Tips

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Preserve Vibrant Haircolor—Use These Top 4 Tips

Picture this—you just spent three precious hours creating a bold fashion color melt for one of your fave clients. The end result is stunning and the cost is far from cheap. Now what? Time to talk maintenance and fade prevention while still creating an Insta-approved style. No big, right? Not always…


Fashion color guru and BTC Team Member @kayla_boyer finds herself in this situation on the reg—creating bold colors and trendy styles while explaining to her clients how they can maintain their vibrant shades for longer periods of time between salon visits. And because this ain’t no walk in the park, we’re sharing her secrets with all of you. Catch her top tips for color longevity, then watch one of her oh-so-satisfying curling quickie videos below!


Preventing color fade is NEVER easy, and @kayla_boyer is dropping the deets—scroll down for her top maintenance tips!


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Share These Four Tips With Clients

1. Wash once a week in cold water only.

  • Dry shampoo will be your client’s best friend when wearing bold fashion colors—recommend washing less often and using a dry shampoo (like the CHI Dry Shampoo!) for the days between shampooing. 


2. Schedule appointments every 10 weeks or less.

  • Fashion tones are a commitment and clients need to be on board with the upkeep process. Suggest they come back every 10 weeks at a minimum to protect their investment.



3. Avoid using super high heat with styling tools.

  • High heat can fade color fast. To avoid ruining fashion tones, Kayla likes to use the CHI LAVA Pro Spin N Curl 1-inch ceramic rotating curler (watch her viral video of the tool below!). The LAVA Pro Spin N Curl allows stylists and clients to customize the exact temperature to prevent color fade. Plus, it’s easy for clients to use (making it a GREAT retail option!).


4. Use a color/heat-protecting spray.

  • Before applying heat to that fresh hue, recommend a product that will shield clients’ strands and your hard work from harsh temperatures (like the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protectant Spray or the Silk Infusion).


Watch Kayla’s in-process video using the LAVA Pro Spin N Curl! It got more that 600,000 views! 



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@katkolors waving technique using the CHI Lava on fashion colors

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