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Last updated: April 23, 2021

Pre-Toning Tips For Perfecting Warm + Cool Pastels

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Everything You Need to Know About Formulating Toners

For our color clients who are always switching it up, pre-toning is a must. But to achieve the perfect transition from warm to cool that isn’t dull, splotchy and still fades to a soft hue—well, that is both a science AND art and no one does it better than #ONESHOT Hair Awards Winner James Earnshaw (@jhair_stylist).


Below, we’re sharing some of his best vibrant hues all on the same client and sharing his tips for when and why to pre-tone. Plus James is teaching a class ALL ABOUT TONING on BTC University! This class is a must for perfecting prelightening techniques, how to formulate based on the level of lift and James’s exclusive timesaving application techniques—Click here to register now!



September 2020: Vibrant Lemon 

Instagram via @jhair_stylist


Takeway Tip: Add A Neutral To Pre-Tone Formulas To Avoid  One Dimensional Warm Shades 

If peaches, pinks and gold tones are pulling extremely bright but lacking dimension, try adding a neutral to the pre-toner formula to create an even canvas that won’t interfere with the desired end result. “Adding a neutral will dilute the pre-tone formula so the results aren’t so heavy and dense,” explains James. “I know it takes longer but it is totally worth it!” 


October 2020: Cool Blush

Instagram via @jhair_stylist


Takeaway Tip: Always Pre-Tone to Avoid Muddy Cool Tones 

If the client is requesting a cool finished look—like soft blues, lilacs or silver, always pre-tone so that the starting canvas is as white as possible. “If you’ve lifted the client to pale yellow or yellow, the desired toner shade will get swallowed up by the yellow underlying pigment. So it’s important to start on a white base,” James explains.


December 2020: Metallic Ice

Instagram via @jhair_stylist


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