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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Platinum Perfection: Toning With…Black?!

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There is no doubt about it, platinum color formulas are seriously hot right now. But reaching that purest platinum shade can be tricky, especially when it comes to deciding on which toner to use. That’s why we got the secret on how to achieve these icy tones from @platinum_perfection himself, Zach Mesquit. And he’s legit—just ask his more than 197k Instagram followers! Check out his advice on selecting toner plus two bonus videos!



Zach’s Words of Wisdom
“When using different drops of pigment, I always mix them together in the bowl first before adding the clear so there are no clumps of pigment. When you’re using the black to tone to platinum you want to only use a very small amount of black because, if you add more than a few drops, you can turn it grey. I usually start by filling the inner circle of a Redken Shades EQ bottle lid with the color, and then dilute it with a bunch of clear. You just have to play around with the ratios.


Depending on the level it’s lifted to and the desired tone, sometimes I’ll mix up a toner and apply it. If it’s not doing exactly what I want I’ll mix up more with a little more pigment and add it right on top of the other one and mix it together. It works like blending watercolor paints.


Also you don’t need to use one color line. I’ll use multiple different brands in one toner formula sometimes to get what I want.”





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