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Last updated: October 26, 2017

Origami: The Art of Hair

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It’s geometric, intriguing, creative and beyond cool. During Paul Mitchell’s 2015 Caper event, Noogie Thai, John Paul Mitchell Systems Trainer, created an avant-garde, origami-inspired updo that wowed the crowd. Here’s how he created his fun, futuristic look.



1. Prep hair a thermal protection hairspray like Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press and lightly back-brush the hair to create volume and texture.


2. Tap hair gently with a smoothing iron and gently brush out strands to slightly detangle.



3. Take a 1-inch subsection and spread hair out evenly. Use Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray liberally on both sides for extreme hold and maximum volume.


4. Glide over see through section with the Paul Mitchell Smoothing Iron on low heat to activate hair spray, creating a piece of hair lace. 



5. Fold sides and glide with the Smoothing Iron to create a strong straight edge. 



6. With heavy duty aluminum (black foil) incase the hair and fold back and forth to create graphic ridges. 



7. Fold two ridged hair laces pieces together to create an avant garde origami hairstyle.

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