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Last updated: July 26, 2017

Jared Leto’s 12 Most Iconic Looks

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Most guys find a hairstyle at some point between high school and marriage, and that’s it for life. Not Hollywood chameleon Jared Leto. Men’s trend-watchers can always count on him for something fresh, funky and fashion-forward, whether it’s for a film or for real. Here’s a look at Jared’s transformations over the years.—CG


2003—Kurt Cobain, is that you?
This hazy ombré had us wondering, is that Kurt Cobain or Jared Leto?


2004—The Sombré
Jared rocked the sombré in 2004 and again in 2014. His secret to great hair and to seemingly never aging, even after a decade? According to his Instagram just a little “human blood.”


2005—The Bad Boy Era
The 2005 ‘do had bad boy written all over it. Sex Pistol’s Sid Vicious, anyone?


2007—The Era of Emo
Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz or Jared Leto? It was 2007 aka the era of emo.


2010—1 Year, 3 Looks
It’s no secret Jared loves to change it up…but three styles in one year? 2010 was huge for this hair god.


2013—Oscar-Winning Hair
Jared won an Oscar for his supporting role in “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” His character, Rayon, had a look we’ll never forget.


2014—The Sombré Returns
Ten years later and Jared brought the sombré back. And we don’t think he was kidding about the human blood…


2015—In Living Color
Jared is all about mixing it up with color. In 2015 he went whiter than snow, went green for his role as The Joker in his latest flick, “Suicide Squad,” and showed up to the VMAs rocking a red-hot pink color.