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Last updated: September 01, 2017

How To Introduce Your Clients To Extensions

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We got all the deets on how to introduce extensions to your clients at the Great Lengths booth at #thebtcshow 2017. Great Lengths Hair Extension artist Ashley Diana (@missashleyhair) dished out everything you should be saying in that initial conversation. The next time your client comes in unsure about extensions, reference the list below for go-to talking points!


1. Be Honest With Them – Extensions are a commitment and there are various types for different clients, so help them explore their options. If they’re reluctant, remind them that although it can be a commitment lasting up to a few months—it’s not forever. After they’ve worn them for awhile, you can take them out and they can try something new.


2. Color Without Damage – For a lot of younger clients requesting a pop of color, Ashley recommends extensions. It’s fun because you can add trendy pastels and vibrant hues without the coloring process. Just pop a few pieces into the nape, and BOOM. Bright haircolor that’s mom-and-dad approved!


3. Your Hair Can Actually Get Healthier – Something that Ashley has noticed with her long-term clients, is that their hair actually is healthier when she takes out the extensions than it was when she applied them. Why?

  • Clients tend to care for their hair better when they have invested in extensions.
  • When styling extensions, clients end up using less heat on their natural hair.


4. Offer A Solution – Does your client have a chemical haircut? Offer using extensions for fullness in the front of their processed, damaged hair and trim to the length of their haircut for fast and easy results.


See more pics from the Great Lengths booth at #thebtcshow in our Connection Center photo gallery!

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