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Last updated: October 29, 2019

How To Keep Fine Hair From Falling Flat

Surface Global Forum 2019 Dawn McKee @dawnsurfacehair 3 Tips For Longer Lasting Styles On Fine Hair
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How To Make Styles Last Longer On Finer Hair

When it comes to styling, the struggle is real for your fine-haired clients. Because their thin strands lack density, you need to get creative and find ways to style their hair so it won’t fall flat within the hour. But it’s not always an easy task, so while in Vegas for Surface’s 2019 Global Forum, we asked Surface Culture Artist Dawn McKee (@dawnsurfacehair) for her tips on how to make styles last longer on fine hair. So put the strong hold hairspray and bobby pins down and keep reading to see what she shared!

Products Used


1. Go Easy On The Products

Stylists tend to focus on making fine hair bigger and fuller before they start styling, but that just makes it so that you can see through the hair when you go to put it up. Dawn’s advice? “You want to build the hair thicker before you can build it bigger,” she shares. “You need to add some thickness to it and then you can work through the volume.” So keep product usage to a minimum to avoid weighing down the hair. Dawn will prep with Surface Trinity Dry Shampoo and Surface Air Lift Volume Powder for texture and then she’ll set the style with Surface Awaken Protein Styling Spray because it thickens while providing lightweight hold.


2. Prep Your Hands, Too

Always prep your hands before touching the hair. “As soon as we start to touch this fabric, all of a sudden we start to steal away all the moisture out of the hair,” notes Dawn. So whether you’re expanding a braid or breaking up lived-in waves, never manipulate fine hair with dry hands. Instead, cover them in a lightweight styling wax like Surface Shift Shaping Wax


3. Don’t Forget The Hairline

So we know styles struggle to last on fine hair because they lack density and texture, but do you know another culprit that’s causing her strands to fall flat? Sweat. And Dawn has an easy fix to combat this—dry shampoo! Simply spray it along her hairline and at the nape so it absorbs any unwanted moisture that could affect the longevity of her style.


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