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Last updated: September 06, 2019

How To Customize Blow-Dries For Every Client

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Why You Should Customize Blow-Dries Based On Client

We get it. You’re trying to get clients in and out of your chair all day, so you’re blasting them with the blow dryer and sending them on their way. Here’s the thing, though—you could be causing damage to their hair, which totally negates all the hard work you put into their service! Learn how to customize blow-dries based on hair type to keep every client’s hair at her healthiest.


“I always had my hair dryer on the highest speed, highest heat for every client because I thought that would help me get my job done faster,” says Todd Tinnel (@toddtinnel), National Education Manager for Dyson Personal Care. “That’s because I was using a tool that relies on evaporation of water with heat and not a strong airflow.” The first thing that changed Todd’s blowout game? The Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Professional Edition.


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Why you should customize blow-dries

“With the Supersonic, even though it looks like a blow dryer, it is a different tool,” Todd says. “The technology is designed specifically to allow hairdressers to truly own the best quality for their clients. They trust us and it’s important for us to customize.” Think of it this way—you’re customizing the color formulations, cutting angles and styling products for your client, so why not customize the blow-dry? “Now we have a precision tool that helps us do that,” Todd says.


If her hair is thick and coarse…

This type of hair requires manipulation with heat and air to achieve long-lasting smoothness.

  1. Start with the Supersonic Pro dryer at high speed and high heat to knock out moisture quickly, using the Smoothing Nozzle.
  2. Switch to the Pro Concentrator Nozzle for brushwork and reduce the airflow to medium.
  3. Finish with the cold shot button to lock in the style.



If her hair is very curly and you want to blow it straight…

Very curly hair runs the risk of developing frizz. Here’s Todd’s technique to avoid it:

  1. Start with the airflow setting at low to medium. “The more air you start blowing into the hair, the more it starts to get frizzy,” he says.
  2. Depending on how much curl you need to manipulate, go for medium to high heat.
  3. Begin with the Pro Concentrator Nozzle and start the brushwork right away. “There’s no sense in doing a pre-dry because you fight your own frizz,” Todd says.


If the hair is very curly and you want to define the curls…

This is the time for the diffuser attachment! “It’s designed to create a really effective and even airflow throughout the diffuser bowl, so it still dries very quickly, even on the lowest heat setting,” Todd says.

  1. Use a low airflow to avoid blowing curls around (or you’ll get frizz!).
  2. Adjust the heat setting depending on the hair type—use lower heat for fine curls and higher heat for very coarse curls.




If her hair is fine but dense…

“On finer hair, you don’t need a lot of heat. When you put that Pro Concentrator Nozzle on there, it creates a concentrated jet of hair, and the air does the work for you,” Todd says.

  1. Start with medium heat and medium speed to pre-dry.
  2. Switch to low heat and low speed for brushwork using the Pro Concentrator Nozzle.


If the hair is heavily lightened…

The key here is preventing additional damage, Todd says. “Because of the way the dryer’s airflow is designed, you don’t need a lot of heat to evaporate water out of the hair—you’re using air to push water out instead.”

  1. Use the lowest airflow setting you can (don’t go over medium).
  2. Use low heat unless you really need to manipulate the texture.



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