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Last updated: July 19, 2017

How-To: Coloring Extensions

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You may be used to coloring your extensions before you install them, but this isn’t always the best way! For an extreme look that needs massive volume and serious length for support, coloring after installation lets you blend more easily and better choose color placement. Get the coloring how-to, plus tips on how to best color extensions!



This look uses DreamCatchers, an awesome moneymaker for you! Once you give your clients this intense look, the DreamCatchers maintenance program ensures your client will be back every four to six weeks. And the initial install is super quick (with a micro-cylinder method that doesn’t damage hair), so you can give her long locks and cool color fast, then see her frequently for maintenance and touch-ups! Another cool thing about DreamCatchers? They literally send clients to you! They run ads in popular magazines like People, which sends clients right to your salon. Not certified? No problem—now you can use your iPhone to get certified!





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