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Last updated: December 12, 2017

How-To: Big Red Blowout

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  • Starting Level

    Natural Level 6 with a few highlights and a darker gloss

  • Formula A

    Goldwell Silk Bleach + 10-volume developer

  • Formula B

    Goldwell Silk Bleach + 20-volume developer

  • Formula C

    4NB + 3RV + 5N

  • Formula D

    PRAVANA VIVIDS Orange + Red

This supersized blowout uses a few techniques to get the most volume possible. Coupled with a red-hot haircolor, it definitely makes a statement! Get the how-to!


Color Application
1. Balayage close to the root with Formula A on the first 2 inches and Formula B on the rest of the hair, leaving out any previously highlighted areas.

2. Do a second round using Formula B away from the roots and saturating everywhere, starting on darker areas. Process to a golden caramel.

3. Use Formula C to create a root shadow, blending down with a comb to create the shape you want. For this model, the shadow was higher in the front.

4. Pull Formula D from midshafts to ends.


Products Used


Styling How-To
1. Prep damp hair with ColorProof SuperPlump® Thickening Blow Dry Spray throughout and SuperRich® Split Ends Mender focused on the midlengths and ends. Power-dry the hair to 70 percent using a paddle brush. 


2. Taking sections in a brick-lay pattern, apply CurlyLocks® Color Protect Curl Mousse at the root area, combed down 2 to 3 inches to distribute the product. Using a medium vented round brush (on base), do a blow-dry set.


3. Set each section on a Velcro roller to cool.


4. Once the entire head has cooled, remove rollers one by one and curl using a 1-inch curling iron with IronMaster™ Color & Heat Protecting Setting Spray, then reset on the Velcro rollers to cool.


5. Once complete, use TextureCharge® Color Protect Texture + Finishing Spray throughout each section and firmly backcomb at the root, creating a softer, fluffier backcomb through the midlengths to achieve width in the design.


6. When you reach the top sections, sprinkle PowderFix® Texturizing Powder onto the root area before backcombing.


7. Create a side part and shape the fringe section into a soft wave, with height over the heavy side of the part. Detail with a smoothing brush, being sure not to disrupt the backcombing.


8. Finish with HardCore® Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray and HumidtyRx® Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray.


Watch the full how-to!



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