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Last updated: August 17, 2017

This Heat-Reactive Haircolor Is Lit🔥

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Are you ready to be BLOWN AWAY? PRAVANA released the first-ever professional, heat-activated, temporary haircolor, available September 1, and we have all the details! Keep reading to get the scoop!



Here’s everything you need to know about PRAVANA VIVIDS MOOD COLOR.

  • The color change is affected by heat—the transition happens instantly, then it changes back when the hair cools.
  • Four color combinations are available: Cool Violet transforms to Warm Pink; Lime Green transforms to Sunny Yellow; both Smokey Gray and Tropical Peach transform to Invisible (which means the haircolor underneath will be visible).
  • VIVIDS MOOD COLOR is temporary—once it is washed with shampoo, it disappears and does not affect the haircolor underneath, no matter what the color!
  • Prelightening the hair is not required. However, VIVIDS MOOD COLOR appears best on lighter levels of hair.
  • You can use VIVIDS MOOD COLOR as a fun add-on service for clients heading to festivals, concerts or special events.




The VIVIDS MOOD COLOR kit will be available for a limited time only beginning September 1 at SalonCentric, State Beauty Supply | RDA Pro Mart, East Coast Salon Services and Four Star Beauty. The kit has enough for 25 to 30 applications and contains four color-changing pigments. We can’t WAIT to see this with our own eyes—BRB, marking our calendars for September 1!