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Last updated: August 10, 2017

Have You Heard About This New Color Technique?!

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While taking our daily scroll through Instagram, we came across this interesting video from Stephanie Lawrence (aka @hair_princess_steph to her 252k Instagram followers): 



So of course we had to reach out and get the deets on this new technique in which you apply color with a spray bottle as opposed to a brush. Check out everything you need to know about “color misting” below!



The details

  • Color misting, or hair misting, is diluting your color with water and applying the mix with a spray bottle. 
  • If done correctly, color misting should last longer than a pastel but not as long as a full strength vibrant. 
  • The mixture will drip a bit as you spray, so Stephanie advises placing a towel on the floor around your chair!


Here’s how it works
1. Grab a spray bottle and fill it almost all the way with water, then add a good squirt of the haircolor of your choice. For this look, Stephanie used Pulp Riot color. “I prefer Pulp Riot because it mixes easily with water and is still vibrant because of their high-quality dyes,” she shares.


2. Then, shake the bottle really hard for a few seconds to mix the water and the color. Pro Tip: Test the mixture on a paper towel first. If it shoots out in a straight line, there is too much color and not enough water. You’ll know when you have the right consistency because it will mist instead of spray straight.


3. Take a section of hair and mist each color until the section is completely saturated. Then, sandwich the section in between two pieces of paper foil. 


The result?
A soft, vibrant pastel blend that is similar to a watercolor painting!


Instagram via @hair_princess_steph



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