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Last updated: April 25, 2022

Hairdressers: What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self? Read This!

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Hairdressers Share Their Best Advice For Younger Stylists

Are you feeling hairdresser burnout, unsure about the future or stuck wondering where you will be in 10 years? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We asked hairdressers to share their best advice for their younger selves—and the answers gave us some “real talk” insight into how new stylists can protect their physical and mental health, get started with finances early and sustain long, successful careers. Plus, some pick-me-up tips for stylists looking to refresh their habits. Keep reading and carry on! 


For more advice, read hundreds of comments on the full Facebook post & Instagram post.




1. Protect Your Mental & Physical Health


“Jennifer can wait. Eat lunch.” – @shmeggsandbaconn


“Take care of your hands and body! Take as many precautions as you can and be proactive with massages, chiro and exercise.” – Britney Lee


“Have patience. Don’t work yourself to the bone. Set boundaries. Incorporate yourself. Eat.” – @alchemistamber


“Wear orthopedic shoes! Find a great chiropractor, get regular massages and learn to say NO! Trust your gut, and take every class you think is interesting, even if it doesn’t pertain to they type of hair you do currently (you never know what you will end up learning).” –


“Get an air purifier day one of your career!” – Elizabeth Grasso


“Set boundaries. Clients will take advantage of you and your generosity. Your time is just as important as theirs.” – @bellarebelbrows


“Don’t be arrogant. Don’t say no (unless they are crazy!). Smile, even when you don’t want to. Discount no one. Start doing yoga.” – Konnie Maharrey


“Wear support hose and good shoes! Been in the business for 33 years. Wore support hose religiously for the last ten. No achy legs!” – Stacey Freese Hawkins


“Posture. Move the client’s head, not your body.” – Robin Max


“Wear the ugly shoes because your feet will thank you when you’re 40. Become a business owner. I know it’s scary, but looking back I wish I had done it sooner.” – Brooke Rumley


“Once established, if you have a family, limit those nights and weekends. Find a balance with client schedules and your own. You can’t get those bedtime stories, school events and Saturday morning snuggles back once they’re older.” – @purplemissfit



2. Stay Educated, Inspired & Don’t Give Up


“Always keep learning. You will never know it all. Things evolve and change constantly. Do not stop moving when assisting, there’s always something to do! If you don’t know, ask! Find an amazing salon to assist. Take everything in—be a sponge!” – @halo.beautysalon


“Take all the classes you can. After 28 years in the industry I’m still learning new things.” – Jodi Barnhorst Snowden


“Never stop learning, getting in and doing it is a part of learning, too. Education is power.” – Joy Taylor


“STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS! (My biggest downfall starting out.)” – @dlmadethecut


“You will make mistakes. It will be your greatest teacher!” – @tabetha_and_co


“Stop being so hard on yourself, be patient, be confident, write everything down—even the mess-ups so you can remember and see where to improve next time, and always remember the basics.” – @looksbylacie


“Keep your hands strong, always be better than you were the day before, save for your taxes, it’s never too late for education, and wear the ugly shoes that help your back.” – Brandi Workmon


“Everyone has at least one major ‘screw up’ that makes them question their talent.” – @the_balayage_mermaid


“Don’t get upset when someone leaves your chair. People like to try new things out. Sometimes they were not the right fit, and that’s OK.” – @lilhippie75


“You don’t know everything and that’s okay! Stay humble, stay hungry and never stop learning! You got this!” – @realericvaughn



3. Financial Tips—Start Saving Early!


“Save 20 percent of your earnings because you will get too old for this work faster than you can believe. You must stay focused and work on your own financial security and future retirement because there is no 401k with matching funds from your employer. Guard your health because there are no paid sick days or employer provided healthcare in booth rental. If you are not well, the $$ stops coming in, but it never stops going out. It’s not how much make, but how much you save.” – @khrisnagel


“Take a business class and make sure you save your money.” – @jackhowardcolor


“Start investing the second you have income. Roth IRA at a minimum. We need to create wealth for hairdressers.” – @leaarpellcolor


“Do not cut deals for any client. They will have no problem going somewhere else and paying more money if it’s more convenient for them.” – @lesliehairandmakeup


“Charge more! You’re worth it!” – @srgstylist


“Save $5.00 a day. You won’t miss it. And eventually it will add up.” – @kaymazzuca


“On your first MONTH of working in this industry set up a CPA, tax accountant that understands the beauty industry. Have them set you up financially for success each year of your growing business. And set up your Roth IRA and retirement accounts. EVEN if you don’t think you will make the beauty industry your long-time career. This is a hard industry. And it is financially even harder because of how unique our business side works. NO ONE will take care of this for YOU. Get BUSY.” – @studiouptown.abq


“Save all your tips.” – @j_essd


“You don’t have to buy every single thing that you want. I know you’re excited about a new career. Be wise with your money and spend it appropriately. Also, get a CPA. THAT’S the kind of sh*t you should spend your money on.” – @harlotofhair


4. Advice For Finding Long-Term Success & Happiness


“Be authentic so you’ll build a clientele that truly suits you. Pretending to be something you’re not all day is exhausting. And if you work for someone who doesn’t allow you to be yourself, move.” – Chel Lee


“Limits are just like fear—it’s an illusion. You can literally be and do whatever you want.” – @saramay_level10


“Don’t get so lost in the chase to be the best and busiest that you lose your passion. Create boundaries. Make sure to hold your happiness as a priority and practice self-care.” – Elena Watts


“You don’t have to be perfect right now. Admit when you don’t know what to do and ask an older stylist for help, they won’t think you don’t know what you’re doing, they’ll think you’re smart and they want to help you.” – Bunny Stanphill


“Set boundaries with clients off the bat. It doesn’t matter if you’re desperate to have people in your chair, build the clientele you want. Don’t give ‘friend’ discounts and put your foot down on your schedule. Set boundaries from the beginning and everyone will respect your craft more.” – Ashley Mitchell


“Doing hair isn’t just cutting, coloring, perming, etc. It’s about listening to your clients and getting to know them, not just their hair. That is what gives you fulfillment in doing a job you love going to!” – Amy Dickens


“Realize that no matter what you do, some clients won’t be happy with anything and it has nothing to do with your abilities. Also know when to cut a client loose, especially when they start affecting your mental health.” – Jamie Carter Finch


“You have to make those mistakes to learn. Do not beat yourself up. Do not give up. Those mistakes you make now are going to be foundational in your growth!” – Ashley Smallridge



5. Know Your Worth


“Don’t let yourself get to the point [where] you want to give up. So many times I let others make me believe I wasn’t good enough. I realized I was, I just can’t work for people who look down on anyone. There will always be selfish, bitter, jealous people in the world. Some people will never change! After 12 years of doing hair and working for myself the last seven, I will never go back! Realizing my worth has been the best thing I could have ever done for my career. Focusing on the kind of stylist and person I wanted to be for my guests. Who knew, having a good work environment could make you do the best hair?” – Joanna Sand


“Know your worth. Don’t give discounts. Don’t let people talk down to you. Take time for yourself. Appreciate your clients, especially the ones who make all the stress worth it. Do yoga more. Don’t forget to take lunch breaks.” – Ashley Peters


“Don’t let salon owners/managers disrespect or overwork you, no matter how good the money is. Also, take your time!” – @megmdoeshair


“Know your worth. Be confident, trust yourself. Invest in your craft. Know when when to open your mouth—and know when to close it and open your ears.” – Jayme Hilborn DiGiulio


“Fire clients who don’t bring you joy doing their hair, and make you question why you decided to be behind the chair.” – Daisy Haircoloring Brilliance


“You can’t make everyone happy. Never let a client get the best of you or make you cry.” – Antoinette Ackley


“Do not focus on that 1 percent of clientele that you cannot make happy. It’s not you, no one can make them happy, [so] don’t take it personal. You did your best. You cannot make some people happy but you will make most people feel amazing and you will change the lives of the other 99 percent.” – Angi Hannesson


“Don’t be afraid to charge, and in business, there are no friends and family discount or you’ll be working for free half the time.” – Jo DA


“Charge your worth and set your boundaries right out of school. Just because you’re new doesn’t always mean you’re not as good or not worth being treated with respect simply for being newly licensed.” – Leah Mazer


6. Plus, A Few Color Tips We Love!


“Let your toner process! 😂” – @hairbybrie143


“If it doesn’t look good wet… it won’t look good dry (in terms of blondes!)” – Rochelle Young


“Toner will not fix your uneven color. When in doubt always let your lightener sit 10 more minutes. Don’t rush. Take your time and be thorough. Thin sections for lightening. Save your tips. Set your goals and reach them.” – @businessinthebasement


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