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Last updated: October 23, 2017

Gem-Inspired Hair! The New Way To Go Natural

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A gem is a valuable stone. It’s something that’s admired for its beauty and brilliance. For Leland and his Celeb Luxury® team, haircolors are like gems—beautiful, precious and worn with pride. That’s why Leland created the latest in color innovation, Gem Lites® Colorwash®. The new product is a color intensifier™, and according to Celeb Luxury, it makes all color look better and brighter, and it’s totally changing the industry.


Gem Lites® Colorwash® from Celeb Luxury® is
changing the haircolor game in a big way.


All The Details
Sure, fashion colors are all the rage right now (and don’t worry, Leland has his Viral® Colorwash® for that!), but there’s just something to be said about a beautiful, natural shade that shines like, well, a gem. Designed to intensify and enhance her shade instantly, Gem Lites® Colorwash® can be used as an in-salon service, as well as sold to be used at home
 after your client’s color service. Oh, and did we mention the shades are seriously gorgeous? The line includes 10 brilliant tones: Tourmaline Strawberry Blonde, Brown Tahitian Pearl Brassy Red Eliminator, Sunstone Blonde, Ruby Red, Cognac Quartz Caramel Blonde, Flawless Diamond Anti-Yellow Whitener, Fire Opal Copper, Citrine Pale Blonde Glo, Brown Diamond Sunbrown and Amber Copper Brown.



How It Works
The best part about Gem Lites® Colorwash® is that it can be used in different ways. It can be used at the sink as a replacement for permanent or demi-permanent color to achieve faster, more cost-effective results or it can be used after any color service for a totally enhanced look—we’re talking after a foil highlight, balayage, full-head application or even just a color retouch. Simply choose the Gem Lites® color that is closest to your client’s haircolor and wash thoroughly throughout their hair. And just like that, she’ll be shining like a diamond in no time! Plus, if she wants a richer, shinier tone, you can perform multiple applications until the desired end result is achieved.


According to Celeb Luxury, all Gem Lites® are designed to maximize color deposition on the hair and minimize staining on the hands and scalp. Plus, after hair is washed and dried, color won’t fade from the hair. Meaning it won’t stain your clothing or bedding. And, as an added bonus, it works on all hair types, even hair that has recently had a keratin treatment!



A Few Tips
Maintain the color! Use Gem Lites® Colorwash® immediately after your client’s fresh color service. Then, have your client take the appropriate Colorwash® home and use to replenish color and prevent fading. You can suggest they alternate with Gem Lites® Shinewash® No Color Shampoo, to manage the vibrancy of their haircolor tones. This will keep your client’s color beautiful and radiant even between salon appointments.


Keep her hair extra-smooth while maintaining the color! Celeb Luxury says Gem Lites® Bonditioner® is beyond conditioner—that it is an innovative, dual-use, pre-wash conditioner for porous hair before you wash and a conditoner after you wash. It’s formulated to provide extra-smoothing and de-frizzing on hair that is extremely porous, dry or damaged to condition, moisturize and nourish hair before cleansing. Use Gem Lites® Bonditioner® after you wash for increased slippage, added moisturization and restorative conditioning without build-up to weigh hair down. For best results, finish with Celeb® Secret Fix® leave-in styler.


Keep color bright and enrich the gray! Every client wants that bright, I-just-left-the-salon color, right? Celeb Luxury says Gem Lites® is their answer, adding bright tones and making hair appear deeper and richer, based on the selected color. Plus, if your gray-haired gals don’t want to color their strands, but want a little something extra, Gem Lites® Colorwash® Brown Tahitian Pearl will gradually enrich the color of gray, virgin hair.


Now check out a few before and afters we are totally obsessing over!



A photo posted by @celebluxury on


A photo posted by @celebluxury on

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