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Last updated: August 06, 2018

Full Foil + Strong Blonde

Blonde Color Formula and How-To by Lo Wheeler Davis using Moroccanoil color complete
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Full Foil + Strong Blonde

Loving this healthy blonde color? Want the secret for adding strength to lightened strands? Of course you are and we know you do! BTC team member  @lo_wheelerdavis applied a full head of foils and two different toners to get this look, but that’s not why we’re swooning over it. She used the new Moroccanoil® Color Complete Line to keep the blonde heathy, strong and longer-lasting—that’s why we’re swooning! 😍🙌🏽


To celebrate/share their exciting new collection, Moroccanoil® traveled down to Mexico City to educate stylists on how it all works. Lo was a guest educator who showed three different blonding techniques including how she incorporated the Color Complete Collection into her process. Check out the before-and-after shot, the how-to steps and all other details below!


Products Used




1. To start, protect the scalp and even the porosity with Moroccanoil® ChromaTech Prime. This before-coloring spray protects the scalp from irritation, opens up the follicle to accept color and makes it easier to lift stubborn strands.


2. Apply a global foil with powder lightener and 30-volume developer. Start from the nape and work to the front hairline. Let process until at least a pale yellow. Then rinse.


3. Next, shadow root with 7NA and 6A, then blend the ends with 9V + 10G.



4. Once the color portion is complete, repair and seal the cuticle with Moroccanoil® ChromaTech Post. “It’s a five-minute treatment that immediately restores the hair from the inside out, and totally protects the color for months,” says Lo.


5. Then, use the Moroccanoil® Color Continue Shampoo and Conditioner, blow-dry and style as desired using the Moroccanoil® Protect & Prevent Spray. 


Pro Tip: Use this system as a way to boost your ticket price! Using the products should mean you are charging more for your service as they create healthy, longer-lasting color and protect the hair from harsh pollution or environmental factors. Then, send your client home with the Color Complete Shampoo and Conditioner for an additional retail sale.




“I have been so impressed with the way all the products complement my color techniques,” says Lo. “The thing about this system from Moroccanoil® is that it’s all in one place so it makes it really easy. It’s innovative, and there is a big movement right now in anti-oxidant haircare and anti-pollutant haircare. Whether you’re blonde, red or brunette, this is supposed to keep the hair from oxidizing and changing in the months following the appointment.”

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